Cometh the apocalypse

No, this has nothing to do with the release of 40K seventh edition; that hasn't really registered on my radar just yet to be honest. This is actually all about Dropzone Commander, or more specifically the universe it occupies. Hawk Wargames 10mm scale sci-fi game has been slowly but surely infiltrating my painting plans for best part of a year. Every time I'm about to fully launch into it however, it always seems to get pushed back again in favour of another project, be that Lord of the Rings, Deadzone, Flames of War or even 40K (yes, I do still paint the occasional piece). It's not that I don't like DZC; quite the opposite I love it. It's just that when I start planning how to paint the [...]

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Deadzone Terrain

I've been sticking with the terrain theme this week and rocking out with Mantic's Deadzone plastic building kits. The inspiration for the palette is entirely down to Respawn's Titanfall game for the XBox, which I make no apologies for being totally addicted to. As soon as I saw the in-game environments the first thought that occurred to me was "these would be fantastic as a Deadzone battlefield". The whole frontier world colony feel to Titanfall meshes beautifully with the way Mantic have designed the plastic terrain. There is very much a re-purposed shipping crate look to the whole setup which works well not only with how the Deadzone rule mechanics work, but also the backstory. The terrain shown here is made only with what was [...]

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Battlefield in a Box re-painted

If like me you are something of a mature hobby grognard, you may have found you’re obsessing more about hobby efficiency these days. By that I refer to extracting the maximum out of the time spent preparing armies and environments for battle in order to proportionally spend more time gaming. I love assembling and painting miniatures and terrain; it’s still the greater part of the hobby for me. But as I have gotten older I’ve found I’m keen to explore more efficient ways of bringing my armies to the table fully painted. I’m not talking about cutting corners, but about finding balance between what satisfies me as a painter and techniques that speeds up the process. A good example of this is my increased use [...]

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Hobby catch up

Crikey! August nearly gone already, how the year is just flying by. So it’s long overdue I review and reflect on the hobby targets set for the months of May, June and July. I began May with a hobby fund deficit of -£24.34, the first time I have let it slip beyond my proposed budget. To bring it back on track I showed more restraint throughout the month and spent a grand total of £5, which when added to the deficit and subtracted from May’s hobby fund income of £72.60 left me with positive fund again. Hobby purchases for May Coir mat from B&Q for terrain purposes. - £5 Ending balance +£43.26 June promptly went awry as there was only one purchase, but it was [...]

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Beasts and Bocage

On the workbench at the moment are a number of hedgerow sections for my slowly-growing Flames of War terrain options. More locally referred to as bocage, they consist of stones and rocks removed from the field, which are built up to form a boundary or perimeter. Covered by earth, the walls invariably become overgrown with tangled hedgerow and trees creating the difficult to pass high banks famously associated with Normandy and the D-Day invasion. Everyone seems to have their own idea of what bocage should look like, the topic is almost as thorny as the hedges themselves. A quick online search of real life bocage showed that unsurprisingly there is a massive variation in size and consistency across Normandy so there is plenty of reference [...]

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A home worth fighting over

In the second part of my terrain blitz for Operation Overlord, I have moved onto more solid pieces, namely the church, ruined cafe and stone walls. I needed some buildings in a bit of a hurry and it so happened my local hobby shop had a clearance sale on some Airfix resin buildings which were going for a song. Technically these are 1:76 scale which is closer to 20mm than 15mm. However, they don't look too out of place and I am a firm believer in going by eye rather than being a stickler for realism. If it look right on the table, it's game as far as I am concerned. The town house I have only just purchased, so I'm aiming to get it [...]

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FoW weekend part one

There have been lots of general happenings in the hobbysphere this week, some of which I want to talk about. However, I am conscious the last few posts have been a bit lacking in the painting and progress departments which I ought to do something about as this is, after all, a painting blog. Or at least it should be. With that in mind I’m going to make this a bit of a jack-of-all-trades post and cover a little of everything. Flames of War Painting the plastic Grenadier Platoon that came with the Open Fire boxed set was my primary target  last month and broadly speaking they are now finished. I say broadly because there are still a couple of highlights and details here and [...]

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Cargo Bay – Part Two

All done so on to pastures new this week. The second board section for Sedition Wars Alabaster Station is finished and for the first time I get an idea of how the game area is going to look width wise with the two sections together. I am still resisting the urge to cast up some extra corridor sections to link the boards together. They really don’t require it at this stage, but it just looks so darned cool. There is nothing extravagant in the painting of the Cargo Bay, I have deliberately kept it simple with the focus being on the opening doors in the centre. Since the last update I made a few changes to the door colours deciding that actually the orange style [...]

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Cargo Bay – Part One

Last week went by in a blur as the wall and deck sections of the Cargo Bay came together. I was slightly hindered by a sudden shortage of locker parts for the external walls, but that was quickly resolved after rethinking the design slightly and integrating wall lights instead for the south facing part of the compartment. A change I actually think improved the overall appearance of the board for the better I reckon. As usual the casting has been running at full tilt ‘most’ evenings to keep the supply of new parts flowing in for future sections. It's good practice to cast more bricks at every opportunity, not only because you always need a seemingly endless supply of them, but also to give them [...]

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Zone of Confusion

Does anyone know where the exit is? As I have been working on these room and corridor sections for the past couple of weeks, I have been fielding a lot of questions around cost, work involved and how they stack up as a potential alternative to Forgeworld's Zone Mortalis modular board sections. The thing is, I am not sure I can answer that question. Not because I don't know how much they are going to cost in the end (although, to be truthful I don't, but that's not the point), but because the more I think about it the more I realise I have no clue what the Zone Mortalis boards are supposed to be? I understand the bit about them being modular and that [...]

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