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S1:EP15 – The Underive

Plan for Friday's stream is to look at the terrain included in Necromunda core box as well as older legacy options and suggest painting techniques. *No sewer tentacles will be harmed in the streaming of this show.

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Epic: Realm of Battle

All good things must come to an end. Several years after I produced the Epic scale boards in the previous post I replaced them with a set of Realm of Battle boards which Games Workshop had just released. Hard to believe these boards themselves are now around eight years old and the terrain on them significantly older than that when I come to think about it. I wrote this back in 2008 (I think?) so along with the other Epic articles it's one for the archives. I do still have these boards and with hindsight and the passing of time there are a few things I would probably do differently now, especially as I make far more use of an airbrush these days for terrain. That [...]

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Epic: Legacy Boards

A bit of nostalgia in the archives today as this was the first themed 6' x 4' table I did for Epic back in 2001 as a demo table for Epic 40K. The overall table has long since been scrapped and replaced with a modular Realm of Battle set (which I'll include in another archive post tomorrow), but while I had it we had some great games on it. It was even used during some 'very' early play-testing phases of Armageddon while we were working on the flyer and war engine rules. Happy days. Unfortunately the photos are somewhat small being a sign of the times and as the boards are no longer in existence can't re-shoot them. Still, as a bit of Epic heritage goes they [...]

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Epic: Gothic Ruins

Whilst I catch back up with the backlog I dug out another archive post from the old Epic site. The old plastic Gothic ruins from the games Epic 40K era were something of a classic and after its demise were significantly sought after. Hardly surprising as the set was fantastically flexible and at the time there really was nothing else on the market like it for Epic. This article was originally done when the buildings were salvaged from the previous permanent gaming table and re-cycled into a more modular arrangement. A much better use for them in my humble opinion. Simple Gothic Ruins The plastic gothic ruins I salvaged from my old Games Day boards were originally fixed in place, which meant they needed to be completely re-based [...]

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City of the future

Just like IKEA only smaller. Getting into Infinity isn't just about the miniatures, there's terrain as well. Lots of terrain so I need to make a start on that too. Luckily some of these rather nice habitats from Micro Art Studio arrived so it's all good.

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In the 4Ground

It's Easter weekend so that's an extra two whole days I can sneak off into the man cave for as predictably in the UK the bank holiday weekend weather is dismal and grey. No surprises there then. With no BBQ in sight I've been pressing on with more units for Dropzone Commander, this time another heavy armour unit for the Scourge, some unpleasant razor worm infantry, a Commander for the Shaltari and finally some UCM! It's only a palette test to try out a digital-camo scheme on a resin version of a Bear APC, but so far I'm liking how its turning out. I can see it contrasting really nicely with the orange and black of the Shaltari particularly well, so should look great on the tabletop. [...]

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Out of the gate

Not quite the end to 2014 and the start of 2015 I wanted, but these things happen. A big flurry of work through December and on my final day before a lovely break flu struck, which completely freight-trained me and my plans over the holidays. More work, a bit of house decorating (not by me I hasten to add!) has all kept me out of the workshop until now. So what's new and in my gunsights for the coming weeks now I've managed to sneak back into the man cave? All the 'D's; Dropzone, Dreadball and Deadzone are first out of the gate for the year. Dropzone Commander (Hawk Wargames) has been on my must try list since the day it came out pretty much, [...]

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More Middle Earth

If you recall earlier in the year I looked at how Gale Force Nine's Battlefield in a Box ruins could be enhanced with a few extra painting steps and techniques to create something equally appropriate for a Middle Earth table. Well, I've been at it again with the remaining three pieces, only this time I decided to try and capture some of the process on video at the same time. The details and photos are also included below for those who would rather not listen to my soporific rambling, for the rest take it away, err me. The stages I used are broadly the same as those I described in the original post: Battlefield in a Box Repainted but I will quickly summarise them again below:- Airbrush [...]

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Drum roll

I found myself at a bit of a loose end earlier in the week, but didn’t really have the time or inclination to sit down for a regular painting session. Terrain painting is a great ‘gap filler’ for times like that, so I dug out a few frames of old Games Workshop fortifications and clipped out the oil drums and ‘hedgehogs’ to add to my generic scatter terrain box for games such as 40K and Deadzone. Note: shown with additional storage cases and cylinders from the Mantic Deadzone terrain sprue. Assembled into a selection of small groups they make more meaningful cover, not to mention easier to lay out in the warzone. Preparation wise I primed everything black before giving them a coat of Dark Flesh with [...]

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