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It’s a trap!

It's not all fun and games in the workshop. Sometimes there is the serious business of crushing the Rebel Alliance to deal with. Between Christmas and New Year I had a great game of Star Wars Armada with friends which gave me a chance to roll out all of the ships I have plus as many fighters as I had painted. I even speed painted Blue Squadron the night before to give the rebels some extra X-Wings. I had forgotten how much fun Armada is playing much more strategically compared with the cut and thrust of X-Wing. Things didn't pan out as hoped for the Rebel fleet who it has to be said took a bit of a bruising from the Star Destroyer "Relentless" and [...]

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Star Wars Armada: Painting the X-Wings

After the success I had painting the tiny TIE Fighter squadrons for Armada, I figured I ought to have a go at the Rebel X-Wing squadrons as well. Whereas the TIE Fighters are pretty uniform and a simple monochrome palette of greys and black wash can bring them to life, the Rebel ships are considerably more busy. One school of thought was to prime them white and then give them a black wash to provide contrast followed by a white drybrush. Nice and simple but doesn't really suit the X-Wings which are more of a weathered mix of pale grey panels with a sharp white edge highlight. Instead I settled on a palette that although is a bit more involved than the Imperial ships, does [...]

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Star Wars Armada: Painting the TIE Fighters

How to paint your tiny TIE Fighters for Star wars Armada. This is purely the method I came up with and isn't any kind of definitive guide as there are probably lots of different ways you could go about it, they yield better or faster results and I certainly encourage experimentation. That said, this particular approach worked well for me and seemed about the right balance between speed and simplicity, whilst still delivering a pretty good tabletop standard. For this you will need: Light grey primer (I used Vallejo, but any will do) Flat black, GW Mechanicus Standard Grey, GW Celestra Grey A black wash GW Mephiston Red or Vallejo Escorpena Green (depending how you like your blasters) Protective gloss varnish (I used Klear) Final matt varnish [...]

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Imperial Assault – The Campaign

This week was another gaming first as we kicked off the start of our Imperial Assault campaign. Having painted all of the Imperial Faction troops in the box it was about time I put them to task in a game, so we gave the tutorial a miss and jumped straight in at Mission 1: Aftermath. Even though this was more of a rules familiarisation run-through, a couple of things struck me early on. Firstly despite outward appearances from the plethora of books, strange tokens and cryptic dice, Imperial Assault is remarkably streamlined and easy to pick up. In no time we rattling through the rounds, activations swapping back and forth. There is also a good tactical depth to it with forward planning and unit positioning being [...]

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Imperial Assault – Part Three

The Nexu is the big cat type predator you see Amidala slapping about on Geonosis at the end of Episode II: Attack of the Clones. It isn't as difficult to paint as you might imagine, but getting the right colours for the fur and markings was a bit tricky. I started with a white primer. In fact everything to date with the exception of Vader and the Imperial Probe Droids began with a white prime. I then applied the fur base colour and stripes using an airbrush to get both a light base as well as some diffusion in the stripes. For the fur this was a mix of VMC Ochre and Sand Yellow and the stripes were saddle brown. Before painting the other details [...]

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Imperial Assault – Part Two

If you've been following any of my posts earlier in the year, or via my G+ page you'll have seen I've been steadily working my way through the Imperial faction troops from Fantasy Flight's Imperial Assault core game. Despite ostensibly being board game miniatures, the quality of the designs and production is every bit as good as I've come to expect from Fantasy Flight, who since X-Wing have been steadily moving up in my estimation. It's no secret that coming from a wargaming background I'm probably a miniature collector (hoarder!) and painter first, gamer second. As gaming time and particularly gaming space is much more of a premium these days, I find myself thinking back to the days when I used to play Heroquest or [...]

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Packets, paints and palettes

Rebel Assault and the Shaltari for Dropzone Commander have remained the mainstay of this weeks hobby activities, with both progressing nicely. I'll cover the Shaltari in a separate post, but to give you a idea of where things are heading, here's a small look at the colour tester on a Jaguar walker. As you can see this is very much a stripped down palette which is a direct clone of the method demonstrated by Dave Lewis from Hawk Wargames. The goal here is all about achieving a simple but effective tabletop standard with minimum time and effort invested. Don't misunderstand me, this isn't about slapping on a layer of paint and making do, this is all about 'efficiency'; getting maximum bang for your hobby time. The method Dave recommends for the [...]

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