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Halo Ground Combat

I went all the way to Salute but didn't say anything about Spartan Games next entry into the HALO universe? To be fair I just ran out of time on the last post, so here's the images from my wander past in all their glory. Unfortunately it was right at the end of the day and I didn't really  get more than a couple of minutes to speak to Neal from Spartan about the game, how it is structured or the mechanics so will just have to wait until a copy arrives and provide the lowdown as part of the unboxing. From what I did see however it looks to share a good deal of principles with the fleet combat game which has to be a good [...]

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Halo: Painting the UNSC

before I go any further, this is just one approach to painting the UNSC ships for Halo that I just personally prefer and shouldn't be construed as being definitive as the end result is very much down to taste. I used a combination of airbrush base colours, brush highlights and glazes for the shading, but the key to this method isn't the airbrush, that's purely a facilitator to help simplify and speed up the process, it's the use of glazes. With thirty odd Paris Class to get through I don't want to be spending too long base painting. That being said, the airbrush does help lay down an even smooth coat which is a big help when you get to the latter shading stage. To dry [...]

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Halo: Painting the Covenant

The following approach to painting the Covenant ships for the "Fall of Reach" uses a combination of airbrush and brush. However, all of the palette can be applied with a brush only as the airbrush is primarily used just to speed up the basecoat and the initial blending. The majority of the effects can be achieved using layers of glazes, so don't be put off if airbrush isn't your thing. Hopefully you will have read my previous post which pulled out a few lessons learned and tips during the assembly and priming. Here I am then about to embark on covering purple plastic with grey primer only to restore back to purple again. With luck the end result should justify the effort though. For a tester I selected six of the [...]

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Halo Fleet Battles: “The Fall of Reach”

Fall of Reach is the first of at least two new games being developed by Spartan Games based on the Halo licence. As part of their pre-order promotions at Salute they were giving away resin busts of the Covenant and UNSC Fleet Commanders (you got to pick whichever you preferred). I opted for "Rho Barutamee" as I felt the Covenant Commander would be more interesting to paint and rather than just leave it in the box as another  piece of Salute Loot to gather dust, I set about painting it as an "off table" project the past couple of weeks. This is the story of how 'Rho' went from alabaster white plastic to gleaming orange and regal purple Navy Commander. Or something like that. To manage [...]

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