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Alabaster Station: Part Two

Turning the 3D plans for Alabaster Station’s engine control section into a physical gaming board has been the driving ambition of my hobby pursuits the past week. Surprisingly it has been going better than I actually expected and the first wall sections have already been built. Anyone who has used Hirst Arts “Castle Molds” before will know that by far the biggest time sink is in the casting of the individual bricks. There is no way around this without creating larger sub-assembly molds first and even then it takes time for those to be prototyped and new silicon molds poured. I did consider producing sub-assembly molds for some of the walls and internal sections, however a quick tally of parts very quickly revealed this wouldn’t [...]

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WIP: Alabaster Station Engine Control

After a weekend of casting Hirst Arts blocks, I Decided to steal a night off from the workshop and focus instead on the first of the Sedition Wars room tiles. I am pretty much shooting in the dark here as the game isn't out yet and my only access to the probable board sections are the images shown so far on the Kickstarter page. There are three tiles I have a reasonably clear view of which, for arguments sake I am calling Engine Control, Cargo Bay and Med Lab. Out of the three I felt the industrial character of the Engine Control section offered the most variety and as good a place to start as any. It was also the most similar in principal to [...]

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Farewell Forty-Kay

After two decades of pushing the Emperor's minions around the tabletop battlefield, I have decided to call time on 40K. Gaming that is. Sixth Edition may be just around the corner, but I have already decided I am not going to invest in another version of the rule book or the next iteration of codexes (yet again!). Truth be known I barely played fifth edition. The simple fact of the matter is despite liking the miniatures and loving the background and artwork, I just don't get the same pleasure from the rules that I used to. I feel Games Workshop has let itself become handicapped by the legacy of 40K, struggling to move the games core principal mechanics creatively forward when compared to many of [...]

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Constructing the Alabaster

Or is that the "Sin of Damnation"? Way back in the dim and distant past, I started a terrain project to replicate the Space Hulk corridor and room sections in three-dimensions as modular terrain sections. Easily distracted as I am, it is one of the longest running terrain projects I have ever commenced. Although no signs of reaching its end goal quite just yet, new sections do get added to the set from time to time. So why the sudden re-interest? Well, it occurred to me that it would not be a huge leap to modify a few of the sections and make them usable for the forthcoming "Sedition Wars" boxed set in exactly the same way as I intended for Space Hulk. The more I thought [...]

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Sedition Wars gets Kick-started

Just a quick post before I head off to the pit. I was pleased to see Studio McVey's Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster show up on Kickstarter earlier today. I have not only seen the Strain miniatures for this game, but snaffled a set of the resin versions last year and can honestly say they are superb. I'm not one normally to wax lyrical about Kickstarter projects, there being so many at the moment. However, this is one I suspect that will not only well exceed its initial goals (at the time of writing it has in fact already exceeded its funding goal of $20,000 in under six hours), but may be worth a punt at if you fancy a few limited edition resin miniatures [...]

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