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2013: Challenge accepted

Like many hobby bloggers, this is traditionally the time to look back over what I achieved over the past twelve months. The smashed goals. The dismally failed goals. The inexplicable changes in direction and hobby mood-swings and an opportunity to try to set some objectives (generally with limited success) for the forthcoming hobby year. Twenty twelve has been, without a shadow of doubt a watershed year for me in the hobby. Although it set out pretty much like previous years with a hopelessly optimistic ambition to paint more 40K and get some actual games in, it was pretty clear before even the end of spring that my heart just wasn't in it. Games Workshop's design direction for some of the models and the subsequent re-launch [...]

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The Shipping Forecast

Been so busy immersing myself back in the world of Epic 6mm I've lost track of a few projects that had been gestating earlier in the year, namely all those Kickstarters. Fortunately, there has been quite a lot of hobby news this week there has been a bit of an overload of 'future painting' mojo; some good, some not so. Mantic: Dreadball Not wanting to count my chickens too soon, but I have to say Mantic really appear to have delivered a masterclass in "how to run a Kickstarter". Latest news from the guys in Nottingham is Dreadball is pretty much ready to ship and they are just receiving the last of eight initial MVP's right now. Expectations are the base game will start to ship from [...]

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Cargo Bay – Part One

Last week went by in a blur as the wall and deck sections of the Cargo Bay came together. I was slightly hindered by a sudden shortage of locker parts for the external walls, but that was quickly resolved after rethinking the design slightly and integrating wall lights instead for the south facing part of the compartment. A change I actually think improved the overall appearance of the board for the better I reckon. As usual the casting has been running at full tilt ‘most’ evenings to keep the supply of new parts flowing in for future sections. It's good practice to cast more bricks at every opportunity, not only because you always need a seemingly endless supply of them, but also to give them [...]

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Zone of Confusion

Does anyone know where the exit is? As I have been working on these room and corridor sections for the past couple of weeks, I have been fielding a lot of questions around cost, work involved and how they stack up as a potential alternative to Forgeworld's Zone Mortalis modular board sections. The thing is, I am not sure I can answer that question. Not because I don't know how much they are going to cost in the end (although, to be truthful I don't, but that's not the point), but because the more I think about it the more I realise I have no clue what the Zone Mortalis boards are supposed to be? I understand the bit about them being modular and that [...]

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The Exo-suit Lady Sings

with a late rush of backers, Studio McVey and CMON's Kickstarter for Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is finally over. At the bell the final total was a staggering $951,254 and even a slightly temperamental server did little to slow what has been, by any stretch of the imagination a phenomenally successful Kickstart campaign. Two final stretch goals which aimed tongue in cheek at the totals set recently by Zombicide and Ogre were passed with over ninety minutes of project time still available. Both of which netted two stunning concept exo-suit models for free as a thank you for the 4000+ backers that pledged in at the Biohazard level or above and making this the most funded boardgame ever on Kickstarter. For something that has close to 100 [...]

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Close the blast doors

I have been kicking back a bit this week and tying up a few loose ends on the Battle for Alabaster board whilst I recharge the batteries. Last weekend was a frenzy of painting to hit my self-imposed milestone of getting the first section completed, so I thought I would set a more sensible pace this week. The casting pile of tiles needed to make the Cargo Bay section is slowly but steadily being replenished and I have been making a few modifications to the Sketch-Up schematics. All still well inside the window of getting the second board section built inside the next couple of weeks. The response I have received about the first section has been phenomenal, so thank you to everyone who has [...]

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T-Minus 48 Hours. Making the good even greater

You now have less than 48 hours to reach minimum safe distance. Assuming you have not yet backed the Sedition wars Kickstarter, and still want to that is. I will admit I have absolutely no idea what will happen over the next two days, but if the current trend and previous projects are anything to go by, it is going to be a fascinating ride. I pretty much became aware of Cool Mini Or Not (CMON) and Studio McVey's Sedition Wars game the day it first appeared on crowd funder Kickstarter, having already been a purchaser of the studio's stunning Strain miniatures in resin previously. However, I am, by all accounts a complete Kickstart newbie and was really not prepared for the complete runaway interest [...]

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Tread softy and carry a big spraygun

After what seems like an eternity of casting and assembly, the first Sedition Wars board sections is finally complete and on the workbench for painting. By far and away the largest Hirst Arts room assembly I have done as a single piece, the board section weighs a rather burly 2.5 kg and is 14” x 13.5” in dimension. To be fair, this is actually less than I thought it would be, using extruded foam for the base definitely helped keep the weight to the minimum it could be considering the construction medium. On the plus side, it sure doesn't move around much on the table! If you have been following this project from the beginning you will know that the Engine Control Section is one [...]

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Midweek block war

Nothing to do with Judge Dredd sorry, I have just finished tonights casting quota so thought I would settle down with a cuppa and post a quick midweek update on how the first Sedition Wars board is progressing. Rather well, as it happens progress wise. Although to the regular vistor it may not look like it has moved forward much from the last update, take it from me, it has. Quite often with Hirst Arts projects things can look like they are progressing slowly, in the main due to the amount of time spent casting the blocks and creating the right sub-assemblies. With all of the interest this project has generated I thought I would perhaps throw out a few cautionary facts to any would-be Alabaster Station Architects [...]

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Alabaster Station: Part Three

If last week was all about casting the bricks to make the Engine Control Section a reality, this week is most definitely about bolting them together. When I did the Space Hulk board, the dimensions of the majority of sections was considerably smaller; most being either short lengths or corridor, a junction, or a relatively small room. The sections for Sedition Wars are an awful lot bigger and that brings with it a whole new set of problems, particularly around the practicalities of assembly and painting. For most of the sections, the footprint is going to be approximately 14" x 14" (give or take the odd half inch depending how many facings have an entry/exit point). That is far too large obviously to be self-supporting, so a [...]

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