Stay Frosty

I've been slacking this year on the old blogging front, there's no denying it. Interestingly it's not been down to hobby fatigue or any of the usual ailments, just simply put a lack of enthusiasm for sitting down in front of a screen on an ongoing basis. My day job involves a lot of time in front of a computer so it wouldn't be untrue to say that's had a bearing recently also. Painting and hobby wise however has been continuing at a pace, largely as a result of another much needed workshop clean out and re-organisation which always invigorates the painting gene. Salute also plays a big part and although this was only my second visit to the event I always find it inspiring. [...]

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Salute 2015 – Finale

In the previous two posts I looked at Salute through the eyes of a first-timer and focused on a selection of the Vendors and Traders that caught my eye. That's only half the story however as what Salute's also famous for is the huge number of demonstration and participation games on hand. It would be futile for me to even attempt to cover them all within the scope of my tiny blog, so I'm not even going to try. Instead I'd like to call out a few to hopefully give some idea of the breadth and variety available on the day. Many were of course laid on by the studios and vendors themselves directly as demonstrations. A few I've mentioned already such as Spartan who were showcasing [...]

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Salute 2015 – Part Two

Now I'm back home and caught up on sleep it's time to press on with the rest of my Salute 2015 wrap-up. This time it's all about the vendors, manufacturers and some of the fantastic studios and games I know far less about. I mentioned in 'Part One' that this was my first ever visit to Salute, which I know seems odd considering just how many years I've been in the hobby. Nevertheless it's true. When I set off on Friday afternoon I decided I ought to have something of a plan regarding any purchasing on the day, as if left to my normal devices I'd have simply run in shouting "here, here take my money!" in a blind panic. I set myself four ground [...]

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Salute 2015 – Part One

I'm sat on the train as I write this heading back somewhat tired and footsore from my first time at Salute. Wallet has taken a bit of a bruising despite best efforts to be reserved (I even took a small bag especially to limit what I could carry). Didn't help. Although to be fair I could have spend more if I hadn't done so. A terrifying awful lot more. The thing about Salute I've come to realise is it's the first time I've seen many of the smaller manufacturers and their miniatures in the flesh. Sure they all have an online presence and many I'd already heard of to some degree. However, it's only when they are literally in front of you that the dangerous "buy me" starts [...]

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