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No retreat, no surrender

This is it; the finale. The past five weeks Kev and I have been using WWPD.net’s Operation Overlord global campaign as the backdrop to which we have been learning Flames of War. It has served as the motivation for assembling, painting and finally gaming with no fewer than 97 infantry teams, 27 tanks, 16 artillery pieces and 32 new pieces of terrain between us. 90% of those were not even assembled, let alone painted before the campaign began, so in that respect Operation Overlord has already been a hugely rewarding experience. As each round was fought, we have been steadily building up our Flames of War knowledge and experience as well as our armies, each introducing a new element or rule. This week was the [...]

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Tiger in the long grass

Three post in three days, a shocker I know. It is all in a  bit of an effort to catch up as I have been making the most of the great weather here (sadly now gone), so have been spending more time outside as opposed to hunched over my paintbrushes. As a result I am a bit behind on the battle reports, so this post will bring things right up to date in time for (hopefully) this Thursdays finale. Round four of my WWPD.net Operation Overlord campaign efforts was a little different to make use of all that bocage I mentioned yesterday. This battle would be an all-armoured affair pitting the combined Shermans of Kev’s 22nd Armoured and my Grenadier Guards against five Tigers led by [...]

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Operation Overlord – Round Three

Last Thursdays games night was in the midst of a bit of a heat-wave in the UK, so it ended up as something of a protracted engagement between Kev's defending 22nd Armoured Division and my 6. Fallschirmjäeger Regiment. You will have noticed I said 'defending' in the case of the allies and that is because I decided it would be good to reverse roles for this scenario, effectively giving the Allied forces the role of trying to hang onto the gains they made earlier in the campaign against a determined German counter-offensive. Although my Grenadiers and Fallschirmjäeger have been aquitting themselves admirably during the opening two rounds, it's important not to lose sight of the overall campaign. This being a global event, the overall Allied [...]

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Operation Overlord – Round Two

Round two of our Flames of War learning campaign got under way last week with a meeting engagement between my 6th Fallschirmjäeger and Kev's US 101st Airborne. Once again I chose the road leading into Carentan as the scenario, the Grenadiers in round one having so successfully defended the outskirts I figured it will have given time for the Fallschirmjäeger to reinforce them to defend the road leading in properly. Kev bulked up his Airborne with an engineer platoon, giving him access to two LMG teams, a number of anti-tank bazooka teams and four more Rifle/MG teams (which I provided out of my meagre US forces). Supporting these again were two squadrons of Sherman Vs and a platoon HQ, plus his regular US Airborne rifle [...]

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Operation Overlord: Round One

  Today marks the start of Battlefront and WWPD's global Flames of War online campaign "Operation Overlord". Focusing on the events of D-Day and the Normandy landings, this seemed like a perfect vehicle to use to motivate myself and Kev into getting our fledgling 15mm armies underway. Since we had our initial 'training game' a few weeks back I have been itching to try things from the other perspective and assume command of the Allied forces from the Open Fire set. Normally it would be the Axis forces I would be running with, but it also gave my opponent the opportunity to get to grip with the Grenadiers and reap revenge with the anti-tank Pak 40s that had proven to be so effective in the first game. So, [...]

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