Canoptek Chrome

Having upped my tea intake, hobby pursuits have been galloping along at a good trot this week for a change. The start of the week has seen a resurgence of "Miniature Monday" (for those that Tweet) and I have been using it as a vehicle for keeping my painting momentum going. For those not familiar with the idea, the basic premise is each week, on a Monday, you post a photo (or link to one) on Twitter of whatever it is you have been painting the past week along with the hashtag #MiniatureMonday. Simply following that hashtag will bring back the stream of posts from everyone who participates. It is a simple, elegant way of not only sharing what you are currently working on with the rest [...]

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Kings in space

The Necrons finally broke cover this weekend with a hefty 'leak' from "Beasts of War", the interwebs flooding with pictures and comments on several previously unseen new units. Your mileage may vary on what you think about the new miniatures or the direction Games Workshop appears to be taking what are being coined the "Tomb Kings in space". I for one am somewhat split over the design liking some and loathing others, in particular the truly cringeworthy Flayed Ones. If comedy was the designers intent with those poses, then they have truly scored a bullseye. Jump over to Beasts of War for the full story. Being an 'unofficial' preview (draw your own conspiracy theory conclusions here), I don't want to pre-judge the miniatures too much [...]

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All going to plan

This week has been one of those truly great weeks where everything just seemed to fall into place. Having sterilised the teeth marks left by UPS and Customs after they extracted their pound of flesh, my other packages arrived in short order unmolested. These included some excellent Tech Deck and Wasteland bases from Dragonforge Designs as well as a few items for future projects, a number of Bruce Hirst's superb 'Castlemolds' and some materials I couldn't source locally. Starting off new projects is always exciting and although I didn't get as much painting done due to two of my evenings being spent drawing up component casting requirements, I did manage to press on further with the Necrons. The remaining two blocks that made up the [...]

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A pox on HM Customs and UPS

Why oh why is the excitement of receiving a parcel always tempered by the knowledge that before you can get your sweaty palms on its shiny contents (in this instance 1000 Neodymium magnets) you are effectively robbed at virtual gunpoint by the foetid spawn of Chaos; HM Customs and Excise and it's henchman UPS? Such was my ill-deserved fate this morning when I spied the dreaded yellow 'Cash on Delivery' label stuck to the outside of the box leering at me like some kind of festering boil! I don't really object to paying duty on the things I order from the US, I mean, I do get some things an awful lot cheaper than I do in the UK. Thats a fair trade off in [...]

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Temple of the Necrons

This weekend has mostly been about Necrons. No particular reason, I just fancied a change and the Necrons are an army that I have had at the back of my mind to do for several years now. I actually purchased most of the models quite a while back but couldn't work up the enthusiasm to paint up more than one or two samples to try out different colour palettes. I thought I would have a stab at revisiting them again with a view to trying to knock most of the army out in a couple of sittings. After experimenting with a couple of different approaches, I settled on a very basic army list consisting of primarily Warriors (plenty of!), Tomb Spiders, Wraiths, a small cohort [...]

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