Rats lose cheese

Time for a mid-week catch up on the painting score. This week I have completed the second Tactical Detachment for my Epic scale Ultramarines. Nothing really to write home about, the only change I made was to include an Apothecary on one of the stands and flip the colour palette on one of the Rhino’s to signify his presence in the formation. Also complete this week are the second of my teams for Dreadball; the Black-Pitch Stealers. I wasn’t really that sold on the orange and off-white kit colour for the Stealers in the rulebook, but quite liked the more weathered version shown in the artwork. Adding a little green for the off-colour and mixing up the flesh tones from pale vermin to brown-black gave [...]

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Dreadball – A word from our sponsor

In a brief deviation from the norm, the workbench has been invaded by Orx (yes, that is the correct spelling apparently). I have been cleaning up and painting the starting roster for my initial Dreadball team; the “New Hades Buccaneers”. The ‘Striker’ pledge level for Mantic’s Dreadball Kickstarter came with all manner of team goodness last week, including all four Season One teams fully filled out. Some of the alternative sculpts won’t arrive until the second wave spring next year, but it still leaves me with more than enough to get painting in the meantime. This is the first time I have ever handled miniatures from Mantic and in particular the injection plastic resin they use. I have to say, I am more pleased with [...]

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