More Rebs

Another group of Rebs has been wrapped up this week; they are motoring along quite nicely now leaving me with a more than playable strike force.  This second batch included the TK-Zero team, a pair of deployable Scout Drones, a Commander and Chovar Psychic. Technically the latter is a Mercenary and not strictly part of the Rebel Faction, however I've based the Chovar in the same style as it worked well with the bright pastel palette. I also positioned the arms so they trailed behind the creature more to give a better sense of movement as it glides across the battle zone. Never really liked the version on Mantic's site that has the arms sticking out at all angles, I felt it made the creature look rather [...]

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Deadzone Rebels and more

If you follow my Twitter feed, it will come as no surprise that the Rebel faction for Deadzone has finally found its way onto my workbench this week. With both the Plague and Enforcer Factions completed, or at least as completed as can be until the hard plastic ones turn up from Mantic (current word is October-ish), I have selected a quick Reb strike team based on nothing more scientific than wanting to paint them. When the Deadzone Kickstarter was still running, the Rebs Faction was the one that most appealed to me as a gamer. The idea of a faction consisting of mixed species really pushed my buttons at the time and the concepts looked great. Unfortunately, when the miniatures arrived as part of wave one I felt they [...]

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Deadzone: Warm up

Although more attention is probably on Mantic's latest Kickstarter venture: Dungeon Saga, it's actually last years game, Deadzone which I finally got around to playing last night. As you can tell from the last few posts,tweets, snippets the Deadzone starter set and initial four factions have been focus of my attention the past several weeks in order to get some actual Monday Night Gaming going again. This was very much a shake down session with Kev to learn the mechanics and get a feel for the game, so we started simple. The strike teams consisted of around 30 points which equated to three Enforcers (Trooper, Assault and Heavy Weapon) and five Marauders (3 x Commandos, Sniper, Pyro). We chose sides randomly which put the Enforcers under [...]

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Deadzone: Enforcers and Hulk

Things have been a little quiet here the past few weeks, with the weather being so great and it being holiday season and all. That said, 'some' painting has been going on for Mantic's Deadzone game in a push to get all four factions complete before wave two arrives some time in August. A quick 'state of the game' update is probably warranted to bring things right up to date. As things stand, the 'Plague' faction are almost fully painted with only some base finishing needed on the final three Stage 3A. I do have a Plague Teraton as well, but am going to treat that as a extra as I don't need it right now to get some games going. Likewise the Marauders have [...]

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Marauder Ripper Suit

As you can probably tell from the last few posts, Mantic's Deadzone is getting lots of time on my workbench currently and the Marauder Faction in particular is in the firing line. I finished the three standard Commandos and 'Pyro' last week so turned my attention to the specialists over the weekend. Unfortunately that was about as far as it got as I've been working away from home this week without access to the man-cave, so sadly hobby activity has been a big fat nil. Now I'm back and positively 'fizzing' with pent-up painting energy I shall resume where I left off in the last update. First up is a 'Mauler' Ripper Suit, a kind of Marauder exo-frame fitted for the close confines of an urban pacification or break-throughs. Sticking with the military/corporation equipped theme, [...]

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In defence of ‘restic’

A short post today as I just finished the first four of Mantic's orx for my Deadzone Marauder faction. Whilst painting them it occurred to me what a bad rep resin-plastic seems to get, quite a bit of it unfairly in my opinion. So this week I have thrown together a video case for the defence standing up for the poor maligned material. Will everyone agree with me? Almost certainly not, but I still felt it worth attempting to debunk a few myths anyway based on my own experience. Regardless whether you agree of not about the material, the first group is done so I shall be prepping at least one of the Marauder exo-suits to add to this mob. With a fistful [...]

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Deadzone Marauders

Orx have been on my mind over the weekend. Not Orks, or Orcs, but Orx, or 'Marauders' as Mantic calls them in their Warpath universe. I've never been a fan of the GW style of Orks as a painter, it's not that I don't like them, just something about painting all that green that has always deterred me. Except that is in Epic (6mm) scale which I feel really suits their horde background and all those vehicles just looks, well Epic! The Marauder faction that came with the Deadzone Kickstarter thankfully is a much more manageable task with less than a dozen miniatures to worry about, so it would seem churlish not to get them painted and in-game. It also helps that Mantic's backstory for [...]

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Deadzone: Plague Ground Zero

As you will have seen from my previous post I've been pushing on with my wave one Deadzone factions in order to get some games in. To date I've assembled three of the factions; the Plague, Marauders and Enforcers. Out of all of them the Plague are probably the easiest to paint in my opinion, being organic in their appearance and painting style. They are also the signature protagonist in Deadzone, so it seemed fitting to getting them ready first. Similar to the terrain I chose a ‘functional’ paint approach to get them to a table-top standard as quickly as possible. This consisted of a bascoat of Ratskin Flesh which I airbrushed over all of the Generation Three miniatures including the two Plague Hounds. I followed this up [...]

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Deadzone Terrain

I've been sticking with the terrain theme this week and rocking out with Mantic's Deadzone plastic building kits. The inspiration for the palette is entirely down to Respawn's Titanfall game for the XBox, which I make no apologies for being totally addicted to. As soon as I saw the in-game environments the first thought that occurred to me was "these would be fantastic as a Deadzone battlefield". The whole frontier world colony feel to Titanfall meshes beautifully with the way Mantic have designed the plastic terrain. There is very much a re-purposed shipping crate look to the whole setup which works well not only with how the Deadzone rule mechanics work, but also the backstory. The terrain shown here is made only with what was [...]

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Exploring new worlds and civilisations

No, not Star Trek. Although I have just returned from watching "Into Darkness" which was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon. The new worlds to which I refer are firstly those unlocked by Secret Weapon as themes in Justin McCoy's 'Tablescapes' Kickstart which finished today securing a rather respectable $300K+. This is a particularly pleasing figure as far as I am concerned because I have had my eye on the Ruined Temple theme since the project began and it was the final stretch to unlock at $280K. Whichever way you look at it, it's a great result and a project I am pleased to see succeed. Not least because I backed it, but also because it shows there is a real appetite out there in the gaming sphere for decent pre-made wargaming [...]

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