Low orbit attained

Image copyright Hawk Wargames 2016. Oh colour me excited! Looks like Dropfleet Commander is about to start shipping to the Kickstarter backers. I'm a big fan of Hawks 10mm 'combined arms' Dropzone Commander ruleset and miniature range, so have high hopes for their second game and how it interacts with the ground action. Fleet games are a surprisingly crowded marketplace with current offerings from Spartan Games, Fantasy Flight and others all competing for a wedge of the hobby dollar. Star Wars Armada, Halo Fleet Battles and Firestorm are all really solid games and that's without chucking in a couple of legacy heavyweights like Battlefleet Gothic or A Call to Arms (Babylon 5). This is the competition Dropfleet has to outshine and fortunately Hawk Wargames do seem [...]

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The NetherLord is back

If you only look at one Kickstarter this week, make it this one. Few sculptors make me chuckle out loud as much as Andy Foster (Heresy Miniatures) and I don't just mean his occasional wry day-to-day tweets about life in general. His miniatures ooze character and recapture some of the fun and laughs that used to permeate dungeon crawler games of yore. Back when gaming was a lot less, serious. Heresy isn't a big company, or for that matter even a small company. It's a flipping tiny company owned, managed, designed, cast, cleaned and packed by Andy. That hasn't stopped him thinking big when it comes to miniatures though, his original NetherLord is still something of a classic in my humble opinion and much in demand. [...]

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M3D Changing the landscape

I have been an avid follower of the burgeoning home 3D printing market for several years now and have firmly believed it was only going to be a matter of a very small number of years before a genuinely affordable and practical printer hit the market. There have been plenty of candidates the past 24 months, but always the size or form factor held me back. Price is also a factor obviously along with the practicality of how useable they are. Earlier this week the Micro 3D Printer (M3D) debuted on the crowd sourcing platform Kickstarter with a fantastically compact and stylish looking 7.3 inch cube shell, and an equally compact sub $300 price point (even cheaper if you were one of the fortunate early backers). To [...]

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Exploring new worlds and civilisations

No, not Star Trek. Although I have just returned from watching "Into Darkness" which was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon. The new worlds to which I refer are firstly those unlocked by Secret Weapon as themes in Justin McCoy's 'Tablescapes' Kickstart which finished today securing a rather respectable $300K+. This is a particularly pleasing figure as far as I am concerned because I have had my eye on the Ruined Temple theme since the project began and it was the final stretch to unlock at $280K. Whichever way you look at it, it's a great result and a project I am pleased to see succeed. Not least because I backed it, but also because it shows there is a real appetite out there in the gaming sphere for decent pre-made wargaming [...]

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Another 48 hours

  Is all that is left on Secret Weapon's Tablescapes Kickstarter and the oh-so-close stretch theme of "Ruined Temple". From the very start of Justin's funding push to tool a set of high texture detail, 12" injection plastic gaming tiles, that theme has stood out as the potential star amongst all the stretch goals. Terrain and gaming tile Kick-starters haven't to date attracted the same attention (or backers) that the fully fledged miniature game kickstarters have, as a rule. There are exceptions of course, most notably Dwarven Forge which was a recent smash success. Tablescapes, for me at least is very much in that category as well. It has not (to date) garnered anywhere near the funds Dwarven Forge did with their dungeon tile sets, but what I [...]

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Crowded Crowdfunding

I’m sure I can’t be the only one to notice that there seems to be a new miniature related Kickstarter launching on an almost daily basis these days. Obviously they can’t all win a portion of my finite monthly hobby purse, so I‘m having to be a lot more picky and choosy about which projects I back these days. This week I was presented with exactly that dilemma when Justin McCoy of Secret Weapon Miniatures launched his "Tablescapes" funding drive. Since GW introduced their injection moulded Realm of Battle system, there has been a market interest slowly building for more of it’s kind, something GW sister company Forgeworld have been tapping into lately. Personally, I don’t really want to get into a debate about the relative [...]

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Building New Worlds

It has been just over two weeks since Dark Space Corp launched their funding campaign for “Beyond the Gates of Antares” on Kickstarter. Rick Priestley’s new 28mm Sci-Fi game is generating a healthy amount of interest. Although at this early stage in the development process, perhaps not as many backers as some of the more glitzy pre-order board game campaigns have attracted thus far. Nevertheless there have been a few videos posted the last few days by Rick, discussing some of the key rule mechanisms they are looking to implement in the game, and it is those I wanted to take a bit of time out to comment on here. For quite a few years now I have harped on about how I felt Games [...]

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What a monster

Kingdom Death: Monster. Image © Kingdom Death/Adam Poots Just a brief post to offer a big congrats to the Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter, which completed its pledge drive yesterday having raised a quite staggering $2 million plus change. I didn’t back this project personally as the game itself didn’t immediately appeal. Nevertheless it clearly demonstrates a well executed Kickstarter with clear and tempting stretch goals can tap into some quite serious pre-order volumes. The monetary amount is impressive in its own right, but what I think stands out as interesting is the average pledge per backer backer when comparing it with the Sedition Wars Kickstarter. With an average pledge of $379 across 5400 backers, that is nearly double the £222 average Sedition Wars [...]

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Gates of Antares

Not even a week into the new year and already there’s a Kickstarter campaign surfacing for another new miniature game, "Beyond the Gates of Antares". This time it may be something a little special though as the principal designer behind it is none other than former Games Workshop guru Rick Priestley. Over the past few decades Rick has been the force behind some of my favourite games of all time, most notably Epic: Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, Necromunda and Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle to name but a handful. Unlike a few of the previous Kickstarters I have backed, this is much more a true grass-roots kickstarter. This isn’t an already finished and polished boxed product looking for pre-order backing like Dreadball or Sedition [...]

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The Exo-suit Lady Sings

with a late rush of backers, Studio McVey and CMON's Kickstarter for Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is finally over. At the bell the final total was a staggering $951,254 and even a slightly temperamental server did little to slow what has been, by any stretch of the imagination a phenomenally successful Kickstart campaign. Two final stretch goals which aimed tongue in cheek at the totals set recently by Zombicide and Ogre were passed with over ninety minutes of project time still available. Both of which netted two stunning concept exo-suit models for free as a thank you for the 4000+ backers that pledged in at the Biohazard level or above and making this the most funded boardgame ever on Kickstarter. For something that has close to 100 [...]

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