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Constructing the Alabaster

Or is that the "Sin of Damnation"? Way back in the dim and distant past, I started a terrain project to replicate the Space Hulk corridor and room sections in three-dimensions as modular terrain sections. Easily distracted as I am, it is one of the longest running terrain projects I have ever commenced. Although no signs of reaching its end goal quite just yet, new sections do get added to the set from time to time. So why the sudden re-interest? Well, it occurred to me that it would not be a huge leap to modify a few of the sections and make them usable for the forthcoming "Sedition Wars" boxed set in exactly the same way as I intended for Space Hulk. The more I thought [...]

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The fall of Gondor

View on flickr Bar some final touches with weathering powders and a little extra ground clutter to fill the base in a little more, the Gondorian ruins set is pretty much ready for gaming. I think adding the stone paving was the right way to go as it gave the building a defined 'footprint' and added weight to the piece both visually and literally (it doesn't slide around the board one bit, thats for sure!) Cast in herculite the base should be more than capable of standing up to quite a few years of gaming. I had toyed around with making the building two storey to fit in more with the tower the Studio did and may yet create a second piece from the parts [...]

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Ruins of Gondor Stage Two

See more on flickr In order to give Kev and I a bit of variety of terrain to battle over and to stop the Gondorian tower looking so odd on its own, I have been working on a second more permanent set of ruins. Based around the recently released Osgiliath Ruins set from GW. Unlike the scatter pieces I quickly painted up for our last skirmish, these are more permanently based on a combination of heavy mounting card and foamcore. To add a little more detail I also added a layer of stone paving cast in Herculite from Hirst Arts moulds. These also add a fair bit of weight to the piece ensuring it doesn't slide around on the gaming table inappropriately. The first two [...]

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Opposites do attract

After a couple of minor set-backs last week involving some elderly RTV silicon, I am now back on track having salvaged and cleaned up the errant parts from their gooey fate. All of the masters were recovered without needing to be reproduced and aside from needing to wait out the week in order to let the white spirit fully evaporate they were no worse for wear. All have now been re-molded over the weekend with fresh silicon and I am just waiting a few days now for the molds to fully cure and firm up ready for use. Planning ahead there are a few ‘sub-components’ that would also make assembly of rooms and corridors a lot quicker, such as a generic corner section and the [...]

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Second section meets sticky silicon

Work is steadily proceeding on my 3D Space Hulk terrain with the second section now constructed. This is the first of several ‘T-Junctions’ in the set and makes use of some additional components to those used in the corridor section. I built on what I had learned from the corridor and this time instead of trying to assemble the section all in one go, I instead broke it down into a number of sub-assemblies, which were pulled together at the end. This ensured each section had set completely and was not disturbed or misaligned from trying to add too many pieces at once. Another useful tip is to use a template to ensure sections are lined up correctly before the glue sets. For this purpose [...]

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Mission One: Corridor One

If I have been distracted this week it is because my copy of Space Hulk arrived and I just had to rummage through all the goodies in the box, especially the de-bossed heavy card corridors and room sections. There is very little I can add that hasn’t been covered to death already. Yes, the models are fantastic, yes the overall look and feel of the boxed set oozes quality, yes, it really does weigh over 4Kg (Quite how this has become some weird measure of quality I shall never know?) With the exception of the miniatures, it is the gaming board that most interests me at the moment as it is that which I am looking to replace. Having had a proper chance to examine [...]

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How many bricks does it take to make a Hulk?

Well, by my calculations, roughly 4,500 apparently. Or to put it another way: 97 0.5" Diamond pattern deck tiles 201 1" Bevelled corridor edging sections 434 Half cylinder vertical wall modules 320 0.5" x 0.5" Lower door track frame 80 2" Bulkhead panels 64 2" Extruded vertical beam terminals 524 1" Recessed wall corner edging 150 1.5" x 1.0" Recessed rivetted wall panels 374 1.5" x 1.5" Pipe Conduit panels 193 1.5" x 1.5" Metal deck plates (diamond pattern) ... And the list goes on to cover 21 other individual components. All of this, as the title eludes to, is to produce a proper three-dimensional 'Space Hulk' board to game on. Now I cannot even remotely claim credit for the idea, or even the design [...]

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All going to plan

This week has been one of those truly great weeks where everything just seemed to fall into place. Having sterilised the teeth marks left by UPS and Customs after they extracted their pound of flesh, my other packages arrived in short order unmolested. These included some excellent Tech Deck and Wasteland bases from Dragonforge Designs as well as a few items for future projects, a number of Bruce Hirst's superb 'Castlemolds' and some materials I couldn't source locally. Starting off new projects is always exciting and although I didn't get as much painting done due to two of my evenings being spent drawing up component casting requirements, I did manage to press on further with the Necrons. The remaining two blocks that made up the [...]

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