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40K Nurgle Foetid Blight Drone

New year, new-old army

Admittedly late to the party, well for 40K at least, the Death Guard being very much last years story but in my …

Snow Angels

It’s a whole new year, so I’ve been wrapping up two mini projects; the last of the Blood Angels from the Dark …

S1:EP15 – The Underive

Plan for Friday’s stream is to look at the terrain included in Necromunda core box as well as older legacy options and …

S1:EP14 – All things Escher

Returning after one week’s break, I continue with the assembly and painting of the Escher gang from the core Necromunda Underhive box. …

Poor Duncan

Pretty sure two years ago this would have never happened. Still loving the new GW. Oh and Beast of Nurgle #allegedly

S1:EP04 – Karsus and Saek

The end of week stream will be all about the remaining members of Garrek’s warband in Shadespire, in particular Karsus the chained …

Hobby happening right now