No More Marines

Is exactly what I would love to say to Forge World, only I would be lying. Their current penchant for releasing variant pattern Marine kits, such as the recent Rapier and Tartarus pattern Terminator armour is really starting to get on my wick! Mainly because I really like them and thus have to resist the urge to buy them. An urge, I hasten to add that I have failed dismally to suppress to date. I still haven't managed to get through the last lot which include Boarding Marines, a Contemptor, some gothic defence turrets (ok, the latter aren't Forge World to be fair, they are from Quantum Gothic) and a Rhino 'Deimos'. I had defined plans for the size and scope of my Ultramarines and they didn't say anything about [...]

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Clearing the cobwebs

Ok, I confess, I am not a winter person. Much like the proverbial dormouse {dormouse |ˈdôrˌmous| noun an agile mouse like rodent with a hairy or bushy tail, found in Africa and Eurasia. Some kinds are noted for spending long periods in hibernation} I have been exactly the opposite of active, hobby wise, the past several months. Now that spring is here and the weather in the UK unseasonably warm, I find myself brimming with painting enthusiasm again. I cannot say the same for the state of the workshop however, which has ridden out the storms of inactivity less favourably. In particular due to a recent outbreak of house re-decorating. Not the painting I had in mind. Fortunately, plans to whip the workshop back into shape are well [...]

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Proteus – Part Three

The clocks in the UK returned to GMT this weekend, giving us back an extra hour of "painting time". I am not sure that was the original intent, but I nevertheless exploited it to that end regardless. My painting mojo has definitely been on a bit of a high lately, partly due to the enjoyment I am getting painting vehicles again, but also I suspect because there has been so much good stuff coming out lately from all manner of sources.Sticking with the topic at hand though, I have spent the past couple of days cleaning, assembling and painting the weapons for Forgeworld's Land Raider "Proteus". As I am deliberately keeping the rest of the vehicle quite muted in appearance with only minimal markings and [...]

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Proteus Part Two

Over the past couple of evenings I have been laying down the base colours on the Land Raider Proteus. The more time I spend working on it, the more I am growing to like it's rugged lines and appearance. I may look at adding these back into my Epic scale armies in due course as the Mk I has suddenly become vogue again as far as I am concerned. I mentioned in my previous post that the Proteus required a bit of cleaning and preparation prior to assembly, including some filling and sanding work. Games Workshop recently updated their range of modelling tools with a few new additions, fleshing out their collection even further. I have already mentioned liquid green stuff, but what of the [...]

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Land Raider Proteus

If you have been following any of the twitter micro updates over the weekend, you will have seen I have shifted attention back onto the Ultramarines. In particular Forgeworld's newly released Heresy era Land Raider, the Proteus. I'll be honest, my initial thoughts when I first saw the model the week before UK Games Day was less than stellar. I am so pleased I didn't go purely on my first impressions however as the Proteus is a bit of a diamond in the rough. As a way of re-introducing the original 80's Land Raider back into the 40K canon it is a clever design, capturing all of the original iconic silhouette whilst featuring enough detail and panel hooks to allude at the future form it [...]

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There is nothing quite like a little retail therapy to lift your week, so I have been indulging in ordering a few bits and bats from various independent studio's today to plug a few gaps in the toolbox. Mostly these are handy sculpting widgets like base stamps and Micro Art Studio's heavy fur moulds just to see how they work out, but the order I am most looking forward to arriving is Kromlech's 'Iron Shark' Jetbikes. I have been waiting for these to be ready for release  for a while now and have plans afoot already to add them to my fledgeling Ultramarine army as stand in's for Space Marine Bikes (pre-heresy Jetbikes). I should point out I am not trying to create a heresy-era [...]

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