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Ground Zero: The Scourge

As I mentioned last week, I've finally broken the seal on the Dropzone Commander two player starter set. It's been sitting on my shelf for over a year now so it was long overdue. This is a game I've really wanted to get into pretty much since launch, but have never got further than the rulebook. Partly it has been because other projects just kept taking precedence, but if I'm being truly honest it's been because I couldn't settle on a colour palette for the forces. Yes, really. So I've decided to be pragmatic and focus on some quick methods instead that lend themselves to the two alien forces in particular; the 'Shaltari' and 'Scourge'. Although the outward appearance of the Scourge tech would heavily suggest [...]

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Cometh the apocalypse

No, this has nothing to do with the release of 40K seventh edition; that hasn't really registered on my radar just yet to be honest. This is actually all about Dropzone Commander, or more specifically the universe it occupies. Hawk Wargames 10mm scale sci-fi game has been slowly but surely infiltrating my painting plans for best part of a year. Every time I'm about to fully launch into it however, it always seems to get pushed back again in favour of another project, be that Lord of the Rings, Deadzone, Flames of War or even 40K (yes, I do still paint the occasional piece). It's not that I don't like DZC; quite the opposite I love it. It's just that when I start planning how to paint the [...]

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2013: Challenge accepted

Like many hobby bloggers, this is traditionally the time to look back over what I achieved over the past twelve months. The smashed goals. The dismally failed goals. The inexplicable changes in direction and hobby mood-swings and an opportunity to try to set some objectives (generally with limited success) for the forthcoming hobby year. Twenty twelve has been, without a shadow of doubt a watershed year for me in the hobby. Although it set out pretty much like previous years with a hopelessly optimistic ambition to paint more 40K and get some actual games in, it was pretty clear before even the end of spring that my heart just wasn't in it. Games Workshop's design direction for some of the models and the subsequent re-launch [...]

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Reality Strikes Back

Most of the times I really love my hobby, it's what gives me a release from the mundane and stresses of the real world and a chance to lose myself in the fantastical. If I am not painting tanks for massive grimdark conflicts, I am lost in the wilds of Tolkien's Middle Earth, or spaceships from any number of TV and Movie franchises. Yes, most of the time I love it. Then, sometimes it is made blatantly clear just how much the hobby costs financially and I end up loathing it and myself for ever getting into it in the first place. Buyer's remorse. I'm certain we have all had it at some stage in life, maybe not always related to 'this' hobby, but sure [...]

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Halcyon days and hot summers, almost.

If you are a Brit, you are no doubt weather obsessed right now and probably either watching, or dodging the prolific summer games coverage (which is actually rather awesome I must admit). Traditionally this isn’t a good time of the year for me for painting as let’s be honest, it's either a time for gaming, or being outside, or doing pretty much anything other than sit in a stuffy workshop watching paint dry. Normally, that would be the case. This year however I have unusually managed to carry over a degree of momentum into the summer. In part due to all the ongoing projects I am enjoying right now, but also the plethora of new games and miniature ranges that are springing up left and [...]

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Farewell Forty-Kay

After two decades of pushing the Emperor's minions around the tabletop battlefield, I have decided to call time on 40K. Gaming that is. Sixth Edition may be just around the corner, but I have already decided I am not going to invest in another version of the rule book or the next iteration of codexes (yet again!). Truth be known I barely played fifth edition. The simple fact of the matter is despite liking the miniatures and loving the background and artwork, I just don't get the same pleasure from the rules that I used to. I feel Games Workshop has let itself become handicapped by the legacy of 40K, struggling to move the games core principal mechanics creatively forward when compared to many of [...]

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