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Below are a selection of the original articles that were published on the old ‘Dropship’ website decades ago. Before I retired the site in favour of this one I received a number of requests asking if I could ‘archive’ them for future reference. So I did.

They are somewhat out of date and in many cases the images are the originals and hence are a little small by todays standards. Hopefully they still add a little value however.

2002 Tournament Death Guard

I'm going to kick the archive fortnight off with one of my favourite Death Guard armies of all time; Will Hayes 2002 UK GT Best Army Finalist. Even after thirteen years this still looks a great force and was the inspiration behind some of my own Death Guard units. Will sold the army not long after the tournament so no idea where it is now, but it was very eye-catching down to the palette. Of particular note is Will's use of a more bone white scheme which has much more of a link back to the original pre-Heresy colours. Considering this was done long before Forgeworld's 30K resurgence it was a nice touch. Anyway, back to 2002 ~ Generally the standard of armies in the [...]

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Epic: Swordwind Flashback

As the Eldar are back featuring on my painting schedule I figured it would be a good time to pull across this old Dropship post into the archive for the sake of completeness. These were done way back for the Swordwind Supplement by Specialist Games (RIP). It's interesting how some of my methods for painting them have changed over the years and not changed in others. Just reminiscing... The Eldar are quite simply one of the most eye catching and spectacular armies to translate to Epic scale in my opinion, with their sleek skimmers and brightly coloured uniforms. Out of all of the armies that feature in Epic, the Eldar have always been a personal favourite, the Biel-Tan Swordwind and vivid red Saim-Hann in particular.   [...]

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Epic: Tyranid Harridan

Second archive post of the week pulled across from the retired Dropship site. Something of a rarity as it's a Tyranid Harridan which didn't really see release for all that long. Interest in Epic by GW and Forgeworld was waning at the time and I suspect this ripped the heck out of the silicon making it a 'beast' to cast. Anyway, here it is again preserved for prosperity. Sculpted by Simon Egan and based on his gargantuan Warhammer 40,000 beast, the Tyranid Harridan is probably one of the most highly detailed Epic scale models released by Forge World. The camera simply does not do justice to just how detailed this model is, with every crease and fold of skin and sinew carefully modelled to match its larger [...]

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2001 Tournament Eldar

First of the old "Dropship" Warhammer 40,000 articles for the archive is all the way from 2001 and describes the Eldar units I converted and painted for the 2000 UK Grand Tournament. It also taught me a valuable lesson to make my conversions a little more 'obvious' for the judges as the entire army scored zero points not featuring "at least one conversion". As you can hopefully see from the photos pretty much every miniature is a conversion to one degree or another. Oh how I laughed at the time. Anyway, enough pre-amble here's the archive in all its pointy-eared glory. Back in 2000 I originally created the Biel-Tan Swordwind army as my entry for the 2000 UK Grand Tournament (Open Category). As my initial [...]

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Epic: Tau Orca

Another one of those "blast from the past" Dropship archive posts from yesteryear, this time for an Epic scale Tau Orca. First seen in the Relic/THF game “Firewarrior” and produced by Forge World, the Orca is the Tau Empires primary military Dropship. With a largo cargo bay capable of holding over thirty Tau troops, Crisis Battlesuits and Drones, the Orca, along with the massive Manta Destroyer spearheads Tau planetary assaults. The Orca shown here is one produced by Forge World as an exact Epic scale replica of it’s larger 40K cousin. The kit is very straightforward to assemble, however there are a few tips worth bearing in mind if you want to get the most out of the model. Engines The Orca has four main [...]

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Chaos Legions: Epic Death Wheel

Another Epic blast from the past. I originally published this a decade ago on 'Dropship'  and is one of the posts I brought across as part of the old sites retirement. As a result many of the images won't be that high a quality by today's standards. That's progress for you ~ CW. The Chaos Death Wheel is a mad creation spawned from the mind of Audrey, who created a simple, but fabulously striking design of the massive Chaos War Engine. You can see more of Audrey's fantastic models on her site, but in the meantime, as she suggested gathering up any painted Death Wheels based on her design for her website, I thought it a jolly good idea to create one. I then rather stupidly gave myself two [...]

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Creating Objectives for Epic

I originally published this article on Dropship in the 90's and is part of the archives I brought across when the site was retired. As a result many of the images won't be that high a quality by today's standards. That's progress for you ~ CW Objectives play a huge part in games of Epic Armageddon, so it's well worth creating your own unique pieces to go with your armies. Simple to make they can be anything from a small wood or fuel depot, to mini dioramas in their own right. This article looks at just a few examples of what can be made with a little imagination and a bits box. Games of Epic Armageddon aren’t just about annihilating your opponents army (although it helps), [...]

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Making Blast Markers

I originally published this article on Dropship in the 90's and is part of the archives I brought across when the site was retired. As a result many of the images won't be that high a quality by today's standards. That's progress for you ~ CW Terrain making for me is almost as much fun as collecting and painting an army, so it probably doesn't come as a surprise to learn that making my own blast markers for my games was high on the list of priorities of things to do for the launch of Epic. I've found over the past twenty years that how you game is almost as individual as how you paint or field an army. I've played against gamers who meticulously use specific tokens as [...]

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