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Below are a selection of the original articles that were published on the old ‘Dropship’ website decades ago. Before I retired the site in favour of this one I received a number of requests asking if I could ‘archive’ them for future reference. So I did.

They are somewhat out of date and in many cases the images are the originals and hence are a little small by todays standards. Hopefully they still add a little value however.

Epic: Realm of Battle

All good things must come to an end. Several years after I produced the Epic scale boards in the previous post I replaced them with a set of Realm of Battle boards which Games Workshop had just released. Hard to believe these boards themselves are now around eight years old and the terrain on them significantly older than that when I come to think about it. I wrote this back in 2008 (I think?) so along with the other Epic articles it's one for the archives. I do still have these boards and with hindsight and the passing of time there are a few things I would probably do differently now, especially as I make far more use of an airbrush these days for terrain. That [...]

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Epic: Legacy Boards

A bit of nostalgia in the archives today as this was the first themed 6' x 4' table I did for Epic back in 2001 as a demo table for Epic 40K. The overall table has long since been scrapped and replaced with a modular Realm of Battle set (which I'll include in another archive post tomorrow), but while I had it we had some great games on it. It was even used during some 'very' early play-testing phases of Armageddon while we were working on the flyer and war engine rules. Happy days. Unfortunately the photos are somewhat small being a sign of the times and as the boards are no longer in existence can't re-shoot them. Still, as a bit of Epic heritage goes they [...]

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Epic: Gothic Ruins

Whilst I catch back up with the backlog I dug out another archive post from the old Epic site. The old plastic Gothic ruins from the games Epic 40K era were something of a classic and after its demise were significantly sought after. Hardly surprising as the set was fantastically flexible and at the time there really was nothing else on the market like it for Epic. This article was originally done when the buildings were salvaged from the previous permanent gaming table and re-cycled into a more modular arrangement. A much better use for them in my humble opinion. Simple Gothic Ruins The plastic gothic ruins I salvaged from my old Games Day boards were originally fixed in place, which meant they needed to be completely re-based [...]

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Epic: Armageddon Steel Legion

The next Dropship archive army is one of my favourites, the Imperial Guard. I do technically still have this army somewhere, just not entirely sure where. Would I add anymore to it if I found it? That's a tricky question as my painting approach has changed a lot in the twelve years since I started it, so anything I added would almost certainly look completely different. That being said the scheme of the Steel Legion is somewhat iconic and really suits Epic scale with the right blend of a good contrast camo which takes weathering well and punchy regimental markings. For now however it's very much one for the archives. Enjoy. The Armageddon Steel Legion was the first army I assembled specifically for use during the development of the [...]

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Epic: Chaos Hell Talon

Another archive post for Epic and the Hell Talon from Forgeworld. This was one of a number of flyers which Forgeworld developed for their ill-fated Aeronautica Imperialis. A nice idea on paper (and in the hardback book I shelled out for), but it never really took off in my eyes and I never got around to playing it. The miniatures however were great for Epic Armageddon so I snapped up a fair few in the period they were available. Not so much the Chaos chaps like the Hell Talon, but enough to augment most of the forces I do. Anyway, enough pre-able on to the Hell Talon I did back in the dim and distant past. I'll probably change that base now though! The Hell Talon is [...]

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2002 Tournament Sand Jackals

With the exception of the Space Wolves (which I no longer have), this is probably the oldest 40K army I painted and still have access to, somewhere? It may be buried deep in storage but it's certainly not forgotten. By my current standard the paint palette is dreadfully flat, but I still like the theme of the force even if it's somewhat dated now. This was my second attempt at a 40K Tournament and if I recall the Recon heavy nature of the force gave a number of my opponents more than a few headaches. If it had one big weakness it was a lack of elite and heavy weapon specialist which meant armour heavy opponents in particular were a tough nut for me to crack. [...]

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Epic: 20th Anniversary Warlord

The Titan that started it all again for me. When Epic hit its 20th Anniversary in 2008 I wrote this piece as a weird way of marking the occasion; Epic and war engines in particular being favourites of mine. The idea was to create a hybrid design that merged the (very) old with the new. I've since gone on to produce a few more of these hybrid war engines which I really quite like. In many ways I find it ironic and amusing that Forgeworld today are doing very similar in their vision of the 28mm scale version which features noticeable nods to the original "beetle-back" in the carapace and head design. It looks terribly dated compared to my more recent Titan's and I would love [...]

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Epic: Head Hunters

 It's Thursday, so that means another update of the archives. I'm going to stick with Epic after the Orks yesterday and have included the Mortant 'Head Hunters'. These were a bit of an odd force in that they weren't originally designed per-se, but evolved out of a re-painted demo force I originally painted for UK Games Day. The original scheme was a somewhat bland desert yellow so I was looking for a way of re-using the miniatures without having to resort to paint stripping. Not a problem for the metal, but wasn't sure how well the Forgeworld resin would hold up to that. Instead I came up with a scheme that could be applied effectively over the original paint to add tonal depth and thus [...]

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Epic: The Ork Horde

I'm not even sure when I first started collecting for this Ork army in Epic as a lot of it hails back to the original Adeptus Titanicus era. The painting however as shown I'm pretty sure was started sometime back in 1996 (or possibly earlier) and refined with a second wave in 2004. The current size is considerably larger than what's shown here and should I ever manage to dig the figure case out of storage I will see about re-photographing. Like many of my Epic armies, I have no 'end game' in mind as far as the Orks are concerned and will just keep adding to them and letting them grow organically. Anyway, here's where they were back in 2008 ~ The Orks are [...]

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2003 Tournament Death Guard

Yesterday I kicked off the archive fortnight with Will Hayes 2002 UK GT Death Guard. I followed this up in 2003 at the UK GT Winter Finals with my own Death Guard, an army I both loved and hated in equal measure. I still have this army and if it wasn't for the huge number of other projects on the go would love to revisit it some day and both refine the paint job as well as introduce some new units which I've collected over the years. Although I don't actively play 40K anymore, it doesn't stop me from dipping into a background rich force like the Death Guard to indulge purely in the painting. This article was written shortly after the 2003 Finals. If anybody [...]

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