Deadzone: Plague Ground Zero

As you will have seen from my previous post I've been pushing on with my wave one Deadzone factions in order to get some games in. To date I've assembled three of the factions; the Plague, Marauders and Enforcers. Out of all of them the Plague are probably the easiest to paint in my opinion, being organic in their appearance and painting style. They are also the signature protagonist in Deadzone, so it seemed fitting to getting them ready first. Similar to the terrain I chose a ‘functional’ paint approach to get them to a table-top standard as quickly as possible. This consisted of a bascoat of Ratskin Flesh which I airbrushed over all of the Generation Three miniatures including the two Plague Hounds. I followed this up [...]

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Deadzone Terrain

I've been sticking with the terrain theme this week and rocking out with Mantic's Deadzone plastic building kits. The inspiration for the palette is entirely down to Respawn's Titanfall game for the XBox, which I make no apologies for being totally addicted to. As soon as I saw the in-game environments the first thought that occurred to me was "these would be fantastic as a Deadzone battlefield". The whole frontier world colony feel to Titanfall meshes beautifully with the way Mantic have designed the plastic terrain. There is very much a re-purposed shipping crate look to the whole setup which works well not only with how the Deadzone rule mechanics work, but also the backstory. The terrain shown here is made only with what was [...]

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Exploring new worlds and civilisations

No, not Star Trek. Although I have just returned from watching "Into Darkness" which was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon. The new worlds to which I refer are firstly those unlocked by Secret Weapon as themes in Justin McCoy's 'Tablescapes' Kickstart which finished today securing a rather respectable $300K+. This is a particularly pleasing figure as far as I am concerned because I have had my eye on the Ruined Temple theme since the project began and it was the final stretch to unlock at $280K. Whichever way you look at it, it's a great result and a project I am pleased to see succeed. Not least because I backed it, but also because it shows there is a real appetite out there in the gaming sphere for decent pre-made wargaming [...]

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