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WIP Aug 12

Busy evening as just realised I need to migrate rest of the old site so can shut the previous hosting package down before it renews at the end of the month. Should still find a little time to do some more to the second of the Yu Jing Domaru Butai for Infinity though. Maybe even a little Imperial Assault too if things progress well.

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Outdoors Workshop

   Too warm to paint today so making most of nice weather to assemble Oniwaban and a few support options for Infinity. Use the opportunity to get ahead on the assembly plan. Summer always seems to be a quiet period for the hobby as the great outdoors and other things in life take priority, so I will probably look to slow things down in the workshop now for a few weeks and focus on painting just a couple of evenings a week. it also gives me an opportunity to catch up on some much needed reading, gaming and to take stock of the hobby plans before things pick up again in the autumn.  In the meantime though, tea break over so let's see if I [...]

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Upcoming Infinity

Was watching the Corvus Belli GenCon presentation last night and their plans for the product range into 2016. Some great looking designs and well worth a watch, but one of the standouts for me buried in the slide deck was the Yu Jing Guijia TAG re-design. Even though I only just finished painting the original I'm really looking forward to seeing that in its final form. What new Infinity releases are you most looking forward to and why?

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Infinity: Keisotsu Butai

In my last Infinity post I talked about incorporating the Japanese Sectorial Starter set into my vanilla Yu Jing. Just to give me a variety in the miniatures and load outs available and thus a little flexibility in the force list. Nothing drastic, purely to see how a few minor tweaks can give me different options. The Keisotsu are the JSF equivalent of the standard Zhanshi light infantry only with slightly lower ballistic skill and willpower, so not so great on reaction but at only 9 points each decent regular order generators. They also have Courage as well so can opt to take guts rolls which is useful. As I'm  including them (for now) in a vanilla Yu Jing list I've dropped the white and [...]

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Yu Jing: The end of the beginning

At the start of my Infinity journey I really knew virtually nothing about the game or it's background beyond the concept of reaction orders being a significant component. I also knew nothing about the four factions we were given to choose from at the boot camp, so why did I end up picking Yu Jing instead of one of the others and how do I feel about it now I've reached my initial target of getting them painted? Pretty good truth be told. Out of the four factions, all appealed from a visually aesthetic standpoint. I very much liked the look of the Ariadna miniatures, but the palette was nothing I hadn't done before in other games. The Acontecimento looked great as well, but having [...]

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Infinity Yu Jing: Guijia TAG

My Yu Jing force is getting a boost in size (literally) with the addition of a TAG. This is the final miniature in the starter force I came away from Ireland with and I purposefully left it until last to keep me motivated to finish the rest of the group first, a reward if you like. The Guijia is one of the older TAGs in the game, but it's still pretty impressive. What it lacks in the crisper edges of the more recent releases it makes up for in pure belligerence, the round pugnacious silhouette fits it's ARM 8 profile making it a pretty durable TAG. Combine that with a Burst 1 Anti-material mode explosive ammo for the Multi-HMG and it's also pretty effective in [...]

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Game on

The Yu Jing did me proud in their first 'painted' outing with a couple of clean sweeps of the city against Kev's Ariadna. Only training scenarios, but it's an encouraging start. I have no doubt the Ariadnan's will fight back once the Veteran Kazak and Chasseur get deployed. Back to the painting tomorrow.

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Infinity Yu Jing: Domaru

The final miniature in my Yu Jing starter set is the Domaru Butai, which presents a completely different painting challenge to the Shang Ji. Whereas the Shang Ji is high contrast and colour saturated with the orange armour, the Domaru is a more sedate pale grey and white. A cold palette to contrast with the warm greens and oranges of the rest of the starter. In that respect the Domaru stands apart as almost clinical. This is particularly reinforced by the almost arterial scarlet scabards for the Katana and icon on the right pauldron marking her as a close-combat martial artist you really don't want to tangle with. With such a strong white palette I didn't want to start with white as that gives me nowhere to go from a highlight [...]

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