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Snow Angels

It's a whole new year, so I've been wrapping up two mini projects; the last of the Blood Angels from the Dark Imperium starter box (finally!) and a solitary plastic Escher gang member from the new Necromunda set. The Escher in particular was the focus of my December steams alongside the two Blood Angel Lieutenants and a single Aggressor. Since discovering a method for the red and gold I liked the Blood Angels has rapidly become my mainstream Imperium army for 8th edition throughout the year and shows little sign of slowing down anytime soon. I shunned the 'codex' approach for the Lieutenant's and avoided the split yellow/red shoulder pads or the helmet markings seen in the studio models, opting instead to stick with the [...]

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Tarsiss IV Phosphex and more

Back in the saddle painting the Blood Angels Primaris Ancient and talking all things Tarssis from the Heresy weekender in Cheltenham.

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Blood Angels Typhoon

Saturday's stream was all about getting my Blood Angels some Fast Attack spun up and ready to fight. Previously I showed the Assault Squad I put together for the Fate of Kronor gaming day and of course there are the Inceptors from the Dark Imperium box, but Blood Angels wouldn't be right without at least one Land Speeder so I figured I'd start with a biggie and roll out a Typhoon. To be fair it's only that variant because I found the missile pods in the bits box and figured "why not?". The pre-stream groundwork, other than assembly was to get the Speeder and crew primed and painted with the base colours which consisted of Vallejo Game Air Reds and black. This was all done [...]

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Blood Angels Land Speeder

Bonus Saturday stream to make up for no Friday events. Continuing growing the Blood Angels force for 40K with a salvaged 'bits-box' plastic Land Speeder "Typhoon"

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Angels… Angels everywhere.

So much love for the hobby right now, feels like the heady days of my youth and Adeptus Titanicus. I have my painting mojo  and my gaming mojo. One could say I'm operating at peak hobby mojo-ness (is that even a word?). At time of writing Tarssis 4 is now a mere Imperium standard week away and I'm happy to say the XIIIth Legion are in a good place completion wise. The Vorax and Praevian Consul have been progressing in part on and off stream via my sporadic Twitch sessions and now the Caestus is all muckied up (weathering for the technically gifted) all I think I have left to do is the base and some mucky-up of the Dreadnought Talon and write up the background [...]

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Dreadnoughts and news

So many plates spinning at the moment hard to know where to begin. Let's start with the reason you're probably here; the painting. I worked out my 1000 points Blood Angels list for (imminently!) upcoming 40K fun intro event and being mostly the new Primaris I found I really didn't get a lot of models for my points. Probably not much of a surprise there, so I made a few tweaks to at least give my opponents something to look at, as well as hopefully fun to play. Even though I have now painted up the Inceptor squad from the Dark Imperium boxed set I have, at the 11th hour (in painting terms at least) decided to swap them out in favour of a Blood [...]

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Despite what I said last post about the Blood Angels, the click of a mouse was all it took to move them from side of the desk project to something a bit more urgent; I signed them up to a 'Fate of Kronor' campaign day because...reasons. So now I need to come up with a 1000 point battle-forged list by mid-August. No biggie, two Intercessor squads nearly done which is like two hundred so another eight-hundred can't be too much of an ask can it? Probably. But here is a WiP picture of the second sergeant while I figure out the logistics. Having actually taken the time to read the Index:Imperium I was surprised to see the Primaris options don't have a whole lot in [...]

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Angels & Daemons

Despite having immersed myself in Games Workshop's 'grimdark' universe since the days of Rogue Trader, I've never painted any Blood Angels. At least not with any intent to assemble a force or anything. Sure I've dabbled with the odd Blood Angel Terminator when Space Crusade was a thing but I never found doing the red satisfying (Read: Could never get it right). It was either de-saturated, lacking contrast or just plain awful flat red with yellow highlights. Even attempts to do them for Epic was deeply dissapointing. You could say they have been my nemesis colour wise. Thing is I really quite like the background for the Blood Angels and there is still all those lovely character Terminators to paint from Space Hulk which I'd [...]

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Primaris: A flawed masterpiece

Actually another title could be "it's too bloody hot to hobby!". Being a Brit I'm unequipped to deal with the three days a year we actually have pleasant weather (circa 32 degrees). Aircon is something that happens at work not home, so suffice to say the man cave keeps being invaded by Hobbits trying to unmake gold rings, or some such nonsense. I've tried hobbying but it's not really working out so I'm resorting to working outside and bringing you, dear reader up to date with what I've been up to the past week because it's been quite the week. Oh I'll come back to that title and explain in due course. Last week was noteworthy for two reasons. One you probably know; the release [...]

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