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Forward thinking

My West German’s for Team Yankee still have some finishing touches to do, so rather than chuck up a partial post I decided …

The King is dead, long live the King. By that I refer of course to my original and long since retired site at But why I hear you cry? Quite simply because it was hosted with a different provider to this one and the package is shortly up for renewal. Don’t worry though, I have a copy archived away and all of the articles that remained up until this afternoon will be popping up right here over the next fourteen days starting Monday, so it’s not really news after all.

I’ll probably even replace the hideous notice page with something more fitting at a future date for all the johnny-come-lately.

→ August 16, 2015

Summer break

Ahh the summer hobby hiatus. Or as I like to call it the “lounging around, incinerating food, drinking too much and generally …

Was watching the Corvus Belli GenCon presentation last night and their plans for the product range into 2016. Some great looking designs and well worth a watch, but one of the standouts for me buried in the slide deck was the Yu Jing Guijia TAG re-design. Even though I only just finished painting the original I’m really looking forward to seeing that in its final form.

What new Infinity releases are you most looking forward to and why?

→ August 5, 2015

on the workbench this week: Imperial Assault Allies and Villain packs, Covenant Cruisers, UNSC palette test and more Infinity. 

→ August 3, 2015


Painters rule #1: You are never too old to learn something new. I’ve a day off so spending it outside with my notebook and the …

Yu Jing: The end of the beginning

At the start of my Infinity journey I really knew virtually nothing about the game or it’s background beyond the concept of …

Late spring cleanout

  A bit of hobby navel gazing today as I sit in the garden with a table full of rule books. There’s …

Brush Cull

Today, I have been having a brush cull. I say that matter-of-factly, but when you have been dabbling in the hobby for …

Gates of Antares: Closed

I am disappointed, but not hugely surprised to be informed that Dark Space Corps Kickstarter: Beyond the Gates of Antares has been cancelled …

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