Getting all defensive

With Kev having finally painted up his US GMC tank hunter platoon and security section, I thought I'd better provide him with something to exercise them on and have been dragging out my Flames of War Germans again. Unfortunately, the Panzer platoons are too early on in the painting and not quite ready to take to the field yet, I'm a bit of curmudgeon about gaming with unpainted minis. I could of course roll out the Tiger's which would give him a worthy adversary to test the M10's mighty 3" guns against, however I have a different plan in mind. All of the games we have played to date have been more or less a standard 'meeting engagement' type affair, neither side actively taking on the [...]

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The dreaded 88’s

Despite the release of 'Titanfall'  I have resisted the temptation and fully capitalised on the weekends fantastic weather to crack-on with assembling and priming more platoons for my Germans. The Panzer IV combat platoons, HQ and anti-air support I featured in the last post have now all been primed in black and given a second zenithal dusting in Tamiya light grey ready for airbrushing next week. A 'Panzerfaust' equipped Tank Hunter platoon has been added with Volkswagen Schwimmwagens, which are possibly just the coolest little vehicles in the whole German arsenal. Seriously, what's not to like about the tiny little amphib. Most satisfying though has been the addition of a Flak 36 battery consisting of two of the infamous 'eighty-eight' millimetre anti-aircraft and anti-tank artillery [...]

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Battlefront’s all-plastic Panzer IV

When I began thinking about starting a second late war German force for Flames of War over the winter, there was one tank I absolutely wanted to include; the Panzer IV. Originally designed for infantry support, it has to be one of Germany's most iconic tanks. From a list point of view it's also incredibly flexible bulking out the Company HQ and combat platoons for a Panzerkompanie as well as being able to be fielded as Divisional Support for a Fallschirmjaeger Kompanie. Both Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company had existing kits I liked, but it was Battlefront's newly released all-plastic kit that I most wanted to try out and the timing of it's launch couldn't have been better. No doubt you may have read elsewhere, [...]

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Mordor Warband vs Panzers

Just a quick update this evening to include a picture of the completed Mordor Orc warband (sans Orc Captain) with armoured Troll in tow. If you were quick you would have already noticed I added this to the Flickr gallery last night, however I have also included a close up of the Trolls blade here as I used it to try out some of the new Citadel paint effects to see if they were any good. I have to admit I think they are actually pretty decent overall and although they don't add anything you can't already achieve with existing paint effects, they do make it easy for painters who don't have perhaps as big a horde of weathering materials as old Grognards such as [...]

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Flames of War: Support Weapons

Still pressing on with Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit this week, but as I don't have anything that interesting to show I grabbed a couple of pictures instead of the German heavy weapon teams I mentioned last week. If you remember, these were the last of the infantry I had to paint for my Operation Overlord Germans and wrapped up my first foray into 15mm. Produced by The Plastic Soldier Company I was pleasantly surprised how many units you can make from this set as there are enough figures to makes four teams each of 82mm and 120mm mortars, four teams of MG42 HMGs and eight each of Panzershreck and Panzerfaust equipped Grenadiers. Certainly enough to do a number of anti-tank support teams [...]

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WIP: Half Tracks

I have five Plastic Soldier Company ‘Hanomag’ Half-tracks sat on the workbench currently as part of my Flames of War German reinforcements. For the more technically gifted these are Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf D. The intention is to combine them with the Grenadiers from the Open Fire starter set and some supplemental tank hunter teams (also from PSC as it happens) in order to create a Gepanzerte Panzer Grenadier platoon. These are the first models I have purchased from PSC and although I don’t have a like-for-like Battlefront version to compare with, I have to confess to being pretty pleased with Plastic Soldier Company’s offering. The kits go together extremely well and each is loaded with a nice selection of extras such as passengers, gunners, stowage, [...]

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Ranging in the big guns

Well, damn it's hot here at the moment. A rare occurrence in old blighty so it has really messed up my painting schedule. I have also just got back off a weeks holiday so I'm afraid there was no gaming last week as the missus had better ideas on how I should be spending my time productively. Normality shall be resumed this week however, so I thought I ought to post a bit more about how my fledgeling German forces are coming along. One of the reasons I signed up for the Flames of War global campaign on was not only as an excuse for getting plenty of games in, but also motivation for painting and expanding my army. Flames is a new game (and scale) for both [...]

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Game night 2 – July 4

Just a quick post tonight to wish my US readers and visitors a safe and happy Independence Day. I hope you all have a great holiday and chance to unwind. It's the second Flames of War games night tonight so I'm up to my ears in trying to get ready for that, cook tea and generally sneak in a mid-week update whilst I have the chance. On the workbench currently is the final Open Fire miniature to be painted. technically it counts as a piece of terrain, or in my opponents case an objective as I have plans for it in a future scenario. The V1 and launch rail is a cracking little piece and if you are participating in the Operation Overlord global campaign there's a [...]

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FoW US Airborne

Yesterday I posted a quick catch up on March’s painting activities and in particular the two Grenadier Guard Sherman squadrons. This update is more to do with the infantry from Open Fire, in particular the US 101st Airborne. For these I toyed with the idea of painting them separately in order to get at all of the fantiastic details the plastic infantry has and mount them onto the bases at the end. In the end however, I felt that this was more effort than I was ideally looking to put into the project; the aim being to get them onto the tabletop in a passable gaming standard. Instead I opted to use more of an impressionist approach, going with bold highlights and effects that would [...]

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