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S1:EP04 – Karsus and Saek

The end of week stream will be all about the remaining members of Garrek's warband in Shadespire, in particular Karsus the chained and Blooded Saek. [...]

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S1:EP03 – Garrek Gorebeard

Painting continues for Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire with the second of the warbands in the starter box; the Reavers. I'll be starting with the two big [...]

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S1:EP02 – Severin Steelheart

Friday's stream will be finishing off Steelheart from the Stormhost warband and completing the bases. Time permitting also a start on Garreks's Reavers.

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S1:EP01 – Entering the Shadespire

Back from my break/hols and brief visitation of Nurgle with a new season (yes, we're calling it that now) and a new game; Warhammer Underworlds: [...]

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