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Blood Angels Land Speeder

Bonus Saturday stream to make up for no Friday events. Continuing growing the Blood Angels force for 40K with a salvaged 'bits-box' plastic Land Speeder "Typhoon"

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Angels… Angels everywhere.

So much love for the hobby right now, feels like the heady days of my youth and Adeptus Titanicus. I have my painting mojo  and my gaming mojo. One could say I'm operating at peak hobby mojo-ness (is that even a word?). At time of writing Tarssis 4 is now a mere Imperium standard week away and I'm happy to say the XIIIth Legion are in a good place completion wise. The Vorax and Praevian Consul have been progressing in part on and off stream via my sporadic Twitch sessions and now the Caestus is all muckied up (weathering for the technically gifted) all I think I have left to do is the base and some mucky-up of the Dreadnought Talon and write up the background [...]

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Tarssis minus three weeks

Only three weeks until the Tarssis 4 weekender and I decide now's a good time to learn streaming on Twitch. It comes as no surprise to me that it's a lot more difficult than I thought. Who would have thought painting, reading and talking at the same time could be such a challenge. Every time I stream is a voyage of discovery and new challenges, some of the lessons learned thus far: Silence is not golden, but there has to be a happy medium between me saying nothing and talking non-stop like a caffeine-fuelled Baboon. Who would have thought? Drink more. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Just deal with it. I can't stay in shot to save my life. Nobody at either [...]

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September Twitch-iness

A massive thanks before I get into the painting updates to Kurt and Chip who organised and hosted yesterday's 'Fate of Konor' 40K day at Incom Gaming in Cheltenham. Absolutely cracking days 8th Edition gaming; they never disappoint putting on a top show. Despite my Blood Angels getting absolutely mullered (blame the general not the troops, they put in a good effort) and each of the four games were all in their own ways a lot of fun with plenty of heroic and sometimes 'unfortunate' cinematic moments. Like my Captain slaying two Dark Angel Terminators in revenge after being mortally struck down, stabbed in the back by a treacherous deep strike behind my lines. Or my Redemptor spectacularly exploding and deleting only one (1) Night [...]

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Dreadnoughts and news

So many plates spinning at the moment hard to know where to begin. Let's start with the reason you're probably here; the painting. I worked out my 1000 points Blood Angels list for (imminently!) upcoming 40K fun intro event and being mostly the new Primaris I found I really didn't get a lot of models for my points. Probably not much of a surprise there, so I made a few tweaks to at least give my opponents something to look at, as well as hopefully fun to play. Even though I have now painted up the Inceptor squad from the Dark Imperium boxed set I have, at the 11th hour (in painting terms at least) decided to swap them out in favour of a Blood [...]

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Despite what I said last post about the Blood Angels, the click of a mouse was all it took to move them from side of the desk project to something a bit more urgent; I signed them up to a 'Fate of Kronor' campaign day because...reasons. So now I need to come up with a 1000 point battle-forged list by mid-August. No biggie, two Intercessor squads nearly done which is like two hundred so another eight-hundred can't be too much of an ask can it? Probably. But here is a WiP picture of the second sergeant while I figure out the logistics. Having actually taken the time to read the Index:Imperium I was surprised to see the Primaris options don't have a whole lot in [...]

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Angels & Daemons

Despite having immersed myself in Games Workshop's 'grimdark' universe since the days of Rogue Trader, I've never painted any Blood Angels. At least not with any intent to assemble a force or anything. Sure I've dabbled with the odd Blood Angel Terminator when Space Crusade was a thing but I never found doing the red satisfying (Read: Could never get it right). It was either de-saturated, lacking contrast or just plain awful flat red with yellow highlights. Even attempts to do them for Epic was deeply dissapointing. You could say they have been my nemesis colour wise. Thing is I really quite like the background for the Blood Angels and there is still all those lovely character Terminators to paint from Space Hulk which I'd [...]

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Primaris: A flawed masterpiece

Actually another title could be "it's too bloody hot to hobby!". Being a Brit I'm unequipped to deal with the three days a year we actually have pleasant weather (circa 32 degrees). Aircon is something that happens at work not home, so suffice to say the man cave keeps being invaded by Hobbits trying to unmake gold rings, or some such nonsense. I've tried hobbying but it's not really working out so I'm resorting to working outside and bringing you, dear reader up to date with what I've been up to the past week because it's been quite the week. Oh I'll come back to that title and explain in due course. Last week was noteworthy for two reasons. One you probably know; the release [...]

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Just like the Death Guard themselves, there has been a slow but steady march of XIVth Legion across the painting table the past week. I've not had as much hobby time as I'd have liked due to work, but more than enough to get the heavy lifting done on the three Rapier Quad-mortars. Similar to the infantry I primed these black/grey and gave them a base of Vallejo Model Aged White before masking off to add the green markings in GW Castellan Green followed by GW Air Elysium Green. To help set up the weathering I applied patches of Vallejo masking fluid with an old brush and scrap of sponge before the green was airbrushed on so once dried the masking could be removed revealing the base [...]

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