Season Three: EP02 – Leviathan Continued

Continuing the early sub-assembly stages on the Word Bearers Leviathan Dreadnought for the Horus Heresy. Commencing laying down the base metals on the joints and frame. Now available on YouTube. Summary to date: The Forgeworld Leviathan is fantastic kit for a painter simply because it is the Dreadnought with the largest flat surfaces which makes it ideal for bigger decals or marks, exactly what I want for the Word Bearers. That bulk however does make it fiddly to get at all of the details when fully assembled so I have started with a really stripped down sub-assembly, more than I would normally for a kit. This let me get the main sarcophagus and torso section painted with the head separate and then [...]

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Season Three: EP01 – Leviathan

Kicking off season three with the early work on a Word Bearers Leviathan Dreadnought for the Horus Heresy. Experimentation with layering waterslide transfers under the clear coats and weathering to create a tinted effect and depth to the metallics. Now available on YouTube.

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The Cult of Paint

Cult of Paint is a painting tuition initiative formed in its inception by Henry Steele and Andy Wardle. Although a relatively new endeavour with 2018 their first full year event calendar, I previously had the pleasure of being taught tank and infantry painting techniques by Henry last year under the MKA Studio banner. For me last weekend's two day vehicle painting course at Incom Gaming was a chance to refresh and cement techniques previously covered, in addition to a few new tricks. I'm frequently asked whether these courses are worth investing in. I'll answer that with the images below, the first being an Alpha Legion Deimos painted by my friend who also attended. New to both airbrush painting and many of the techniques being taught [...]

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XIII Legion – Search and destroy

My final Ultramarines Tarssis list post, for now. The Killbots. These were the unit I left until the very end to do as they were for me the bit that would I hoped tie the list together visually, providing a spot of complementary colour and breaking up the sea of blue and gold. The orange of the chassis and the poses were always going to be the most important part so I didn't want to rush them. Even less so them being technically one of my HQs. The Praevian Consul option allowed allowed me to include a maniple of automata as part of the unit and there was always only ever one choice; the Vorax. I loved the look of these the day I saw [...]

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XIII Legion – Contemptor Talon

In my Ultramarines collection, these guys hold the joint spot for my favourite miniatures thus far. I loved painting these so much. Great shapes, textures, loads of dynamism about them. Not 'too many' sub-assemblies. Not like the Redemptor had, gods that was painful even though I was pleased with the end result. The Contemptors were a lot easier, especially once the arms were magnetised. What, you don't magnetise your Dreadnought arms? Seriously do so, makes them easy to store, fun to play and flexible/cost effective to equip. I did a short guide right here. I'm still chuckling at my 'armless' Contemptor sweeping an Alpha Legion Praetor (sorry Chris buddy, it was a suck roll but it made for an epic saga and a cool bit of [...]

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XIII Legion – Rhino party

I like Rhino transports, especially Deimos pattern. I like them a lot, they are part of the Imperium's DNA all the way back to good old Rogue Trader days. The M113 of the grimdark universe and just as adaptable. Sure they are laughably small for ten super-humans plus crew but I still love the little tuggers anyway. Technically I have two for the Tarssis force, but in reality I realised when I add them to the Mars pattern ones I did years back for 40K which are similarly weathered I actually have four plus a Razorback which is not a bad start at all. Include the Land Raider Proteus and the one with the missile launcher whose name eludes me right now and there is [...]

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XIII Legion – In the pipe

After rolling out the armour the other day, it's the turn of the transports. I may as well start with the big guy; the Caestus Assault Ram. This was a beast of a kit, not particularly difficult to assemble but boy it's a heavy chunk of reason. Just like the tanks the palette and methods are largely the same with again a couple of minor deviations to accommodate for sheer size and the fact it is a flyer rather than ground unit. I applied a lot less oils in the weathering and instead used the airbrush to apply dust along lower edges and where the backwash would throw it over the wings. I also focused more black along leading edges off the front and wings [...]

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XIII Legion – Armoured assault

With the infantry out of the way in my previous post (Boots on the Ground), I moved on to the fun stuff, for me at least which has always been the vehicles. Aside from the transports which I'll cover in a separate post, the two main tanks I took in the Ultramarines for Tarssis were the Sicaran Venator and Whirlwind Scorpius. The Venator I took for two reasons, firstly the look of it which just screams 30K and the height of the Imperium's technological power, but also because I fully expected to encounter at least one if not more super-heavies during my frontline games. As it happened I didn't meet a single one, even though there were plenty in attendance. Regardless this was probably the [...]

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XIII Legion – Boots on the ground

As promised I'll be walking through my Horus Heresy Ultramarines I took to the Tarssis campaign last weekend. The heart of any force starts with the commander and the infantry, these were the first models I painted, my thinking being get the mountain of infantry out of the way first as it's always the most overwhelming part of assembling any new army and the rest then becomes much more relaxed. Motivation works differently for different people, but what experience has taught me is an overwhelming number of models to paint in one go, especially the rank and file is what tends to burn me out first, resulting in a lot of part built and abandoned armies. Not ideal when preparing for an event. The other [...]

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Tarssis IV – Introduction

Although plan for wednesday's stream is a continuation of the Blood Angels Ancient for 40K I started last week (if there's no schedule snafu), the general chat will probably be all about Tarssis and the Horus Heresy 'all-weekend' narrative blowout laid on by Tom and Stu of the Geno Five Two podcast. Before I dive headlong into that a little scene setting is probably required. The Heresy (30K) scene where I am is pretty well established and the Tarssis IV campaign has been steadily getting bigger and bigger each time Tom and Stu run one. Originally it started as an intro campaign when the Betrayal at Calth box came out as a way of introducing new blood to the Age of Darkness ruleset with a fun [...]

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