Team Yankee: Chieftans

There's a slight change of plan this weekend. I was going to write a post about the last of the Bundeswehr units, however having catapulted one of the Fuchs across the workshop into several pieces (just pure clumsiness on my part I hasten to add, not a fit of pique!) I've switched things around whilst I make the necessary repairs. As luck would have it the British have rocked up earlier than I expected so I have to hand the magnificent all-plastic Chieftan from Battlefront. Similar to the West Germans and US there are five tank sprues in the starter box along with two helicopters (more on the Lynx later), enough to field a legal Chieftan armoured squadron of one HQ and two troop. If [...]

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Team Yankee: Bundeswehr

The observant will no doubt have spotted when I posted my first foray into Battlefront's Team Yankee there were two army starter forces in the photo; the Soviets and the West Germans. With one hundred points of Soviets now painted and game ready I've moved my attention onto NATO. As I alluded to earlier Kev has picked up the role of the Americans in our forthcoming campaign and it's likely all three of us will pick up some of the British to one degree or another so it seemed appropriate to give the Bundeswehr an opportunity to defend their homeland from the red horde. The first units I did were obviously the ones in the Kampfgruppe Müller starter box consisting of five Leopard 2 and [...]

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Quantity has a quality

One of the forces I've assiduously avoided for Flames of War is the Russians. It's not that I don't like the look of them as a force, I'm just not a big fan of horde lists when it comes to the tabletop. Except for Orks in Epic of course; you can never have too many 6mm Orks. Fact. Ok, maybe Tyranids too, but I digress. There is also the painting aspect with the Russians as there are just so many of them to do even with a tank battalion. It's true they are significantly easier to paint in volume however as the Russian palette is minimal so  rewards an efficient technique. For that reason alone I focused on Germany and Australia for World War Two, [...]

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Player One: Starting Step

As I sit here coffee in hand I can't help but reflect what a **** year this has been for me blogging wise. Truth be told 2016 has been a pretty rough year for a whole host of reasons, none of them hobby related it has to be said but all have had an adverse impact on this site nevertheless. I've always been pretty good at maintaining a separation between my work life and home/hobby life, rarely letting the former creep into the latter when it comes to my posts. True to that ethos I'm not going to start now, but wanted to set some context as it can't be denied the pace of events at work have left me with precious little energy or appetite for anything [...]

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Halo Ground Combat

I went all the way to Salute but didn't say anything about Spartan Games next entry into the HALO universe? To be fair I just ran out of time on the last post, so here's the images from my wander past in all their glory. Unfortunately it was right at the end of the day and I didn't really  get more than a couple of minutes to speak to Neal from Spartan about the game, how it is structured or the mechanics so will just have to wait until a copy arrives and provide the lowdown as part of the unboxing. From what I did see however it looks to share a good deal of principles with the fleet combat game which has to be a good [...]

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On the Workbench – Week 25

Another eclectic, but productive mix over the weekend with miniatures from Battlefront, 4Ground, Fantasy Flight and even some very old 1st edition Epic from Games Workshop. I don't often get a chance to put in a serious hobby-session over the course of a weekend, but as it was the '24 Heures du Mans' and I'm a huge fan of the iconic event I fancied putting in an equally long stint or two whilst enjoying watching Porsche take the fight to Audi. Another factor was the weather which impacted my plans to varnish the Tablescape tiles I was working on so I had time spare to just pick things I wanted (needed) to be painting instead. Starting with the smallest first, I have a game of 'Armada' coming up [...]

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Huey “Hog”

As I alluded to in an earlier post, I've recently dipped a toe into the whole Vietnam Conflict for Flames of War, or "Call of Duty" as they refer to the book. For the US side of the conflict I decided to base my forces on the Air Cavalry list because, well 'Helicopters' are probably all I need to say. My palette test for these has been a Bell UH-1B "Hog" with its outrigger belt-fed miniguns and 2.75" rocket pods. It's a bit of a rough model to assemble being a blend of resin, injection plastic and white metal components, so being more than passingly familiar with some of Battlefront's World War Two offerings I knew there would be an element of cleaning, sanding and [...]

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From Tet to Tobruk

It was a short working week last week with the Bank Holiday, which meant a little more hobby time than I'd normally be able to cram in. As a result something of an eclectic mix traded places on the painting station as I worked through some of the loot from Salute 2015 and cracked on with Imperial Assault for the ongoing campaign. The latter I'll come back to later. For this post however an old favourite is making a return in Flames of War with not one but three new forces spread over two conflicts. If you followed any of my occasional posts about my late war Germans, you'll know I collected probably way too much ending up with three force lists effectively for SS Panzer, [...]

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Autumn plans ahoy

Things have been in a bit of an uproar the last couple of weeks, so actual painting time has been non-existent to put it bluntly. Thankfully that should change this weekend as I seek a little sanctuary in the workshop from the pandemonium without. The primary protagonists are a pair of kittens we've given a home to after they were rescued from a house along with their siblings. If you are a follower of my infrequent blogging you probably know our companion of the past ten or so years sadly had to be put to sleep after a fight with cancer. This left something of a void in the house the past couple of months, which the new arrivals have rapidly expanded to fill (not [...]

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