Although most of the blog posts may suggest otherwise, I do occassionally finish the odd model or two, enough even to form an army. For the past several years I have been displaying these on Dropship, however throughout 2011 I intend to migrate most of them over to here where they will be much easier to update as new models are added to each collection from time to time. Each generally includes a few of my thoughts while painting them as well as any particular colours or techniques used and occassionally a little background to the miniatures. The selection of pages will look sparse for some time while I migrate the armies across from Dropship as well as re-photograph where necessary, so bear with me if the mix seems … eclectic for a while.

As I add new pages I will be sure to mention it in a post, but in the meantime I hope you find them interesting.

Babylon 5 “A Call to Arms” Collection

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