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It has been far too long since I last posted. Life, work, gaming and holidays all consuming my time like it was going out of fashion the past two months. Summer was a washout (quite literally) and the re-release of the next edition of 40K came and went without much of a comment from me. Partly because I have drawn my line under 40K gaming for now, but mostly because I have been distracted by newer and shinier things. What can be newer and shinier than an all new 40K and host of Chaos releases I hear you ask? Well, Dreadball for one, and a rekindled interest in all things Epic scale again.

Dealing with the former first, I think I shall remember this year as being the year of the “Kickstarter” for me. After injecting a sizeable amount into Sedition Wars, I have also been lured (finally) by something from Mantic with their sci-fi sports game Dreadball. Between the two of them that’s going to be enough miniatures to keep me chained to the workbench for the next year I reckon. Whilst waiting for the initial sets to turn up hopefully before the end of the year, I have winkled out a few Epic scale Titans to work on in the mean time. I will come clean, the catalyst for this wasn’t from the desire to paint more War Engines. It actually stemmed from an unfortunate mishap earlier in the summer. A rather exuberant party next door resulted in a stack of miniatures in the workshop taking a tragic nose dive off the shelving. The resulting impact of several trays of miniatures did not happen without casualties and a great deal of the damaged ones were from my painted Epic collection sadly. Some were repaired, others recycled back into the bits boxes, but for a few I decided to try to turn misfortune into opportunity and give them a new lease of life with a more up to date paint job.

A Dettol bath or two later to strip away the previous legion colours and a rethink on parts resulted in a handful of patchy Titans ready for priming and re-painting. As I had already painted up a reasonable number of War Engines for Legio Astorum, or the “Warp Runners” to give them their original moniker, I decided to make these the start of a Legio Ignatum battlegroup. Thus out of the ashes of misfortune the “Fire Wasps” are reborn. Ok, ok, maybe slightly overdramatic, but I have been itching to do Ignatum for years, but never found the time.

Lucius Reaver
Bonus points for anyone who recognises this model from it’s original scheme (the clue is in the feet). Stripped back to it’s naked shell I made a few weapon modifications after the other were damaged in the aforementioned incident.
I think I actually prefer the new loadout as it is far more in sympathy with some of the original Adeptus Titanicus artwork.
Legio Ignatum
Stripped back to the bare bones and ready to be re-primed/touched up. The start of a new Legio Battlegroup.

This is just the starter to establish the palette and markings. I do have two legacy War Engines in trial Ignatum colours which strangely survived the fall more or less completely unscathed. Based on the scheme in the Epic Armageddon rulebook, this is probably a bit more contemporary than I was looking for, but really suits the old style of Titans. What I am going to try to do is come up with a scheme that brings that and the more standard Ignatum colours Forgeworld tend to use together. It could work, or it could be a complete and glorious mess.

We will just have to see.

Until the (not so distant!) next time, have a great week.


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