Cargo Bay – Part Two

All done so on to pastures new this week. The second board section for Sedition Wars Alabaster Station is finished and for the first time I get an idea of how the game area is going to look width wise with the two sections together. I am still resisting the urge to cast up some extra corridor sections to link the boards together. They really don’t require it at this stage, but it just looks so darned cool.

There is nothing extravagant in the painting of the Cargo Bay, I have deliberately kept it simple with the focus being on the opening doors in the centre. Since the last update I made a few changes to the door colours deciding that actually the orange style doors worked better as airlocks and the blue doors as inter-section hatches. This kept them in synch with the key used for the in-game tiles and meant I could play around with the internal doors for a bit of variety in format and colour. I will also be adding a few sections of scatter terrain to both the Cargo Bay and the previous Engine Control in a future update as the Hirst molds have some wonderful components such as storage containers, drums, and such like, all which would make great in-game tactical cover. Adding the detail this way keeps the layout and paint effects nice and simple, but still gives something visually pleasing for the eye to look at.

I also couldn’t resist adding my own tongue-in-cheek nod towards a certain favourite Sci-Fi movie of mine which I am sure a few will spot straight away.

So, what’s next?

For the third section it’s back to design and Sketch-Up. I have chosen the Crew Area as the next candidate for conversion for a number of reasons. Firstly it is the first one I will have tackled that isn’t a straightforward box layout of rooms, featuring corridors, small rooms and curved walls. So it should present an interesting challenge. Secondly it is a completely different look and feel atmosphere wise to the other two areas. Whereas they were largely industrial and utilitarian, the Crew Area is brighter and requires a totally different palette of colours and paint effects. A complete contrast to the other two sections. The layout alone I suspect will require a few design compromises, so I fully expect that to keep me occupied most of this week. I have set myself a tentative milestone of starting the build some time around the 20th July.

With these board taking up quite a lot of space (and weight!) I have had to have a bit of a shift about in the workshop to better accommodate them. If you picture for a moment a huge garage-like workspace with multiple workbenches and storage racks, it looks nothing like that. If you imagine a small room which looks more like everything arrived either by a small tractor bulldozing it in, or better still through some kind of catastrophic accident, you are probably closer to the truth. In other words, it needed a sort out.

After girding my loins to just get on with it I am pleased to say my tiny workshop is now sporting a few new specialised quarters, such as the Woodland Scenics and Nature Quarter, where all kinds of terrain are populated by faux flora. The newly acquired Molding and Casting Quarter, a Painting Quarter, Construction and Weathering Materials quarter where all kinds of magic involving mud and rust happen. Finally, there is the Other Stuff and dubious chemicals Quarter, but we don’t talk about that. Technically, that makes five quarters too, another reason not to include it.

Woodland Scenics and Silfor shelf for all those base and boards texture flocking needs.
The priming, varnishing and weathering quarter. Rather depressingly the tin doesn’t include biscuits anymore sadly, but pigments.
The newly founded molding and casting quarter. Or perhaps that should be the brick and rock making quarter. Either way, at least I know where to find them now.
The paint quarter. Probably quite self-explanatory that one. I know two Paintier 80’s may seem a bit excessive, but believe me I have yet to find a better paint storage solution as efficient or as effective as those. Fantastic things.
Then there is the “everything else quarter”. Glues, mediums, primers, thinners, decal solutions, home brew washes and shoe polish. I am scared to imagine what would happen if I just mixed them all up. Probably a blast radius the size of Nebraska.

There is also the under-quarter, where some of the more unpleasant chemicals, sculpting materials, plaster, and bits boxes live alongside the compressor and waste management (bin). Those I don’t show because they are unsavoury and would probably try to steal my camera and watch. So you will just have to take my word for it.

Completing that plus the first two boards made me feel like I deserved a painting treat as bit of a break form all that plaster. To keep with the theme I purchased one of the THI Carapace suits from the Studio McVey store and will start painting it throughout the week during breaks from working on the next board design.

That about wraps things up, so until next time, have a great week.


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