The Exo-suit Lady Sings

//The Exo-suit Lady Sings

with a late rush of backers, Studio McVey and CMON’s Kickstarter for Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is finally over. At the bell the final total was a staggering $951,254 and even a slightly temperamental server did little to slow what has been, by any stretch of the imagination a phenomenally successful Kickstart campaign. Two final stretch goals which aimed tongue in cheek at the totals set recently by Zombicide and Ogre were passed with over ninety minutes of project time still available. Both of which netted two stunning concept exo-suit models for free as a thank you for the 4000+ backers that pledged in at the Biohazard level or above and making this the most funded boardgame ever on Kickstarter.

For something that has close to 100 miniatures at the Biohazard pledge level (not counting all the optional extras), it is pretty hard to think of this purely as a board game. But at its heart, that is what it purports to be. In my mind there is no that doubt board games and by default miniature board games are having something of a renaissance. Studio McVey and CMON have clearly seen that potential and have capitalised on the interest in that format to give their Sedition Wars universe the springboard it needs. Whether or not the game evolves into a full blown tabletop miniatures game like DUST did recently is, to me at least largely irrelevant right now. The funding is secured to make Battle for Alabaster as good a game as the designers want it to be and it will either stand up (or not) on its own merits now. I for one, have a lot of confidence based on what I have seen so far and believe the future is bright for this start up, with potentially more expansions yet to come. I can hardly wait to see what they have in store for the future.

Either way, when this finally ships in November, assuming it stays on schedule, a lot of folks are going to have a serious number of miniatures to paint and I’m actually rather pleased to say I will be one of them. To Mike and Ali McVey and Rob Baxter I say “Well done and thank you, that was quite some roller-coaster ride!”

Now that bit of excitement has finally stopped, I can focus once again on things closer to home in the workshop. Most of the day I have been enthusiastically casting heap upon heap of floor tiles for the next station board section; the Cargo Bay. I think I am pretty much there now bar a few half inch pipe sections and doors (its always the darned doors that take forever!). So I have made a start on creating sub-assemblies for some of the floor sections to make it easier to lay them on the base board. The walls as well are underway and by comparison with the Engine Control Section, there is a lot more symmetry to the interior, so they are much easier to work out. The design also uses a similar corner step to the one I used on the Space Hulk corridors so it is a much more familiar assembly for me to remember. All being well I should have a few photos taken over the next few days once everything starts to drop into place and unless I hit any snags, should be ready for painting by next weekend fingers crossed.

Keeping the motivation and momentum up on a project this size is always a challenge, so I have ordered myself a miniature mascot from Studio McVey as a reward to myself for completing the first section to schedule. I won’t say what it is, except that it is appropriate for the task at hand and ‘if’ it arrives next week I shall set aside a little time to start painting it as a side project. If there is one thing I have learned in the last two decades of painting, it is set realistic milestones and motivate yourself with painting ‘rewards’ as goals. Don’t worry, I will soon share once it arrives.

So to sum it all up. Sedition Wars is a “go“, the second board is well underway, casting is ahead of schedule and I even found time to set up a Facebook Page. Oh, sorry, didn’t I mention that? Well, I am sure you will have found the link by now at the top of the page. I admit, it is a bit behind the times, but I will endeavour to post there as often as I can.

If that doesn’t deserve a glass of wine now, nothing does.

Until next time, have a great week!


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