T-Minus 48 Hours. Making the good even greater

//T-Minus 48 Hours. Making the good even greater

You now have less than 48 hours to reach minimum safe distance. Assuming you have not yet backed the Sedition wars Kickstarter, and still want to that is. I will admit I have absolutely no idea what will happen over the next two days, but if the current trend and previous projects are anything to go by, it is going to be a fascinating ride. I pretty much became aware of Cool Mini Or Not (CMON) and Studio McVey’s Sedition Wars game the day it first appeared on crowd funder Kickstarter, having already been a purchaser of the studio’s stunning Strain miniatures in resin previously. However, I am, by all accounts a complete Kickstart newbie and was really not prepared for the complete runaway interest the game generated almost from the off. Comfortably achieving its initial funding target, a paltry $20,000 back then in less than six hours. As the stretch goals started to roll out, so did the funds and backers roll in.

The thing is, the game itself was already pretty far along in its development and was looking to be a quality product ready for retail. The miniatures were all but complete (Remember those Strain I mentioned earlier), the board game tile designs and art quality visible for all to see. Counters, rules, background, box art, all looking like a near-complete package. So what else could you want?

Hit the first few stretch targets, lets say $40K – $60K. Easy. here, have some alternative sculpts in the boxed game and, if you are a Biohazard backer we will throw in another dozen of the Vanguard to go with your limited edition resin Kara Black

$80K – $100K. No problem. Lets throw in some different Phase 1 Strain sculpts and upgrade the counters to plastic versions.

$120K – $140K. Done. Better have another dozen Strain too and put heavy weapon specialist Barker Zosa into the core boxed game.

Custom dice got added at $170K, four more of the phase two Strain miniature, a solo campaign pack, exclusive optional glow in the dark Strain and clear plastic opticamo packs for more ‘unusual‘ games. And the campaign shows no sign of slowing. At least not too much.

As soon as there is any suggestion of a falter, or new backers begin to flag, CMON and Studio McVey throw more goodies into the pot to keep the momentum going. A painting DVD by Mike and Ali McVey is added, for free naturally. An optional plastic terrain pack, the ability to customise your pledge with more dice or exclusive ‘homage’ characters from other stalwarts of the Sci-Fi genre such as Dr Ridley, Niven Banks, Sgt Ramirez or the crew from The Calamity. Strain variants of many of these are also thrown in for free when subsequent stretch goals are breached.

They are…

As the campaign rolls into the final forty eight hours, the funding stands at a staggering $625,811 from over 2900 backers. To declare this as anything other than a massive success would be disingenuous in the extreme. Mike McVey and Rob Baxter have clearly got their Sedition Wars universe off to a healthy start and as a result, the contents of the boxed game are looking even better going forward for everyone. But what of the backers putting their money into Mike and Rob’s collection hat up front? The game doesn’t actually plan to ship until November, and for the majority of the optional exclusive homage characters, which haven’t even been sculpted yet we wont see anything until March 2013. So what is the backer getting out of this, why do it?

The simple answer is a lot.

If that isn’t enough, and you have already maxed out on the other optional content, fear not as the campaign still isn’t finished and there are further stretch goals being added at $650K for even more. At this stage I have little doubt they will be beaten as well.

The game will certainly be available through CMON and probably other retailers at the end of the year, that isn’t under any doubt now. You could wait until then, wait until the final reviews come in and see whether you want to purchase at that point. You will still get a great game with some great contents; this campaign has seen to that. What you wont get, likely ever again, is the opportunity to get it with this staggering amount of extra content and access to some (on paper at least) stunning exclusive miniatures and add-ons.

For that you have T-Minus forty eight hours and counting.

Normal service will be resumed tommorow when I hope to have a few detailed photos of the machinery and a short guide on making and painting the doors for the Engine Control Section. Until then, have a great week.


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