Constructing the Alabaster

Or is that the “Sin of Damnation”? Way back in the dim and distant past, I started a terrain project to replicate the Space Hulk corridor and room sections in three-dimensions as modular terrain sections. Easily distracted as I am, it is one of the longest running terrain projects I have ever commenced. Although no signs of reaching its end goal quite just yet, new sections do get added to the set from time to time. So why the sudden re-interest? Well, it occurred to me that it would not be a huge leap to modify a few of the sections and make them usable for the forthcoming “Sedition Wars” boxed set in exactly the same way as I intended for Space Hulk. The more I thought about it, the more the idea appealed as a lot of the Hirst Arts molds I am already using suit the design of the “Alabaster’s” interior already as far as I can see.

With that in mind the past couple of nights has been mostly spent re-familiarising myself with SketchUp for the Mac and tracking down the original “Project Hulk” plans and Hirst Arts component libraries again. It is all rather like going back to school, but I am sure once I have gotten to grips with SketchUp I can start pulling some new room designs together prior to the games launch in November. As it is a few months away yet, it is an achievable goal in my opinion. Especially as I believe the size of the board pieces are likely to be less demanding than the full Hulk set. Although I could be eating my words in six months time and cursing the day I started this.

I intend to follow exactly the same principles and designs as the Hulk set, so the sections will be fully magnetised as before, the only difference being I may tone down a few of the “Gothic” elements I was introducing for 40K in order to get as much flexibility from the set across both games.

I should probably point out these pieces are on the workbench currently and so have only had the base colours applied and initial staining. The finished sections will have a lot more variety of colour in the walls and pipes/ducting. hopefully there won’t be too many more sub-assembly moulds required as I did a fair few for the magnet hosting blocks, door frames and larger corner sections way back when I started the Hulk set. With most of the heavy lifting out of the way it is just a case of casting a few thousand more blocks and pulling together some assembly designs to use them. If I can get this all done before the game arrives I will quite frankly amaze myself as it will be a first for me to actually finish a project on time.

It isn’t going to slow me down on the other painting though, it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t trying to multi-task!

Have a great week.


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