The one about using the blog more

///The one about using the blog more

I’ve been avoiding the blog lately and just posting straight to the FB page. Partly because it’s just that bit easier to share quick photos from the workbench, but mostly if I’m being honest because the fething database got corrupted by scrapcode and over 75% of the image links broke. No idea when, or why but it’s a royal pain in the proverbials. Only seems to effect posts beyond a certain date but the fact it’s there bugs the heck out of me. So I’ve been slowly fixing them. By hand. One-at-a-time by re-uploading and linking the images (where I have them). By now you should be getting a sense of my frustration and possibly understand why I’ve been avoiding the whole mess. But it’s not ideal and it would be a pity not to make better use of the space especially as I’ve been playing around with ‘moving’ images and OBS. Apparently streaming is a thing, who knew? So enough of the procrastination, I’ll get back to fixing the broken links until done a few at a time and switch back to posting more via here and Instagram for the WiPs. Part of the problem is I always feel I need to write something substantial to merit posting which is daft considering a) I don’t where Facebook is concerned and b) if I did I’d never post anything … Ah.

So let’s talk Horus Heresy. The Ultramarines are at that tricky 80% finished stage where it gets increasingly harder to complete the last oh so frustrating touches and complete them. The Tarssis event isn’t until September so it’s really not a rush, but it takes discipline to see them through as other projects start too look a lot more tempting. Stu has it as he’s a commission painter (Miniature Realms Studio <– helpful link), I however am not and are easily distrac …. oh a plastic Thunderhawk! I believe Tom, Stu’s Geno Five-Two partner in crime calls it being a ‘closer’. I have no idea what that means but it sounds like it would be a good thing.

To help counter this I’ve left my favourite unit to last, the Vorax maniple that will accompany the Praevian Consul so presently my workbench looks a little like this:


These are currently the two largest items in the force so need to stand out. In the case of the Caestus I’ve tried to break up the large flat surfaces through the markings and getting plenty of tones into the metals. I’m particularly pleased with the contrast on the inner aileron/speed brake surfaces which is a mix of acrylics, pigments and washes. It reminds me of the heat scorched panels on the Space Shuttle. Likewise I’m happy with the base colours in the metal for the Venator’s main gun which should give me a good foundation to build some heat burnishing onto.

Note: As part of my streaming experiment I did record some video discussing some of the methods I used on the markings so check back for an upload link.

The other model that’s been getting some attention is the Land Raider Proteus. You may recall I painted this several years back for 40K when it was first released. I could have just used it as is for the Legion but a couple of the details bothered me, so while I was working on the Caestus I re-based some of the panels in the updated blue with the airbrush erasing the Crux Terminatus and a couple of the more 40K centric company markings. I then introduced a gold element to the front and rear panels as well as some new decals. I still need to mask off a section to include  white stripe similar to the Sicaran to further tie it into the force and once that’s done I think my Veterans will have themselves some transport.

That’s it for tonight. I’m going to start bouncing the WIPs back through Instagram again and bore you all with the progress here as well as any other hobby thoughts that pop into my head.

The next one will probably be the one where I consider atempting to complete 7,500 points of Heresy forces before the end of 2017 across three Legions. Would that make me a ‘closer’ Tom?

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  1. Ben Guth March 28, 2017 at 8:46 am - Reply

    Hi Carl,

    Glad to here that you are winning the war of attrition vs the dreaded interweb bugs. As someone who has silently watched your gaming career grow and evolve over the last decade (mostly through this blog and the previous two) it’s great to see that your still pushing on and producing exceptional quality miniatures.

    For those days when you wonder why you bother with all the faff involved in the blog etc.

    I am glad you do.

    Take care kind regards


    • Carl Woodrow March 28, 2017 at 9:42 am - Reply

      Cheers bud, you still plugging away at the hobby or raising your own Legion taking all your free time these days? 🙂

      • Ben Guth March 28, 2017 at 6:30 pm - Reply

        Haha, well put!

        Yes the kids take up most the time and what little time is left is invested into CCG’S. Like that pick up and go feel about them.

        Your blog and the occasional CMON search is the only real link back to the tabletop community I keep.

        Still never say never! Hope your well and take care


        • Carl Woodrow March 28, 2017 at 8:25 pm - Reply

          You too bud. You should check out Incom Gaming, quite a lively CCG scene there I understand as well as tabletop. Dare I mention it’s also a pub 😉

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