No More Marines

//No More Marines

Is exactly what I would love to say to Forge World, only I would be lying. Their current penchant for releasing variant pattern Marine kits, such as the recent Rapier and Tartarus pattern Terminator armour is really starting to get on my wick! Mainly because I really like them and thus have to resist the urge to buy them. An urge, I hasten to add that I have failed dismally to suppress to date. I still haven’t managed to get through the last lot which include Boarding Marines, a Contemptor, some gothic defence turrets (ok, the latter aren’t Forge World to be fair, they are from Quantum Gothic) and a Rhino ‘Deimos’.

I had defined plans for the size and scope of my Ultramarines and they didn’t say anything about mobile las-cannon platforms, or relic Tactical Dreadnought armour. But that’s ok, it wouldn’t be too big a deal to maybe squeeze in this awesome chap.

and his buddy too I guess…

More Terminators? I already have one squad planned out. Ok maybe just one, or two of the MkIV styled chaps then. But absolutely nothing more. Unless of course they do some mark III ‘Iron’ or mark V ‘Heresy’ styled of course. I mean that would be too good to resist. But seriously nothing more could possibly be squeezed in after that.

Well, bugger. That’s just plain downright fighting dirty.

Joking aside, the Storm Eagle is almost certainly a step too far for what I have planned for my Ultramarines. Nothing wrong with the model, it looks fantastic, its just that the Storm Raven I already did is sufficient. That plus a future planned  large flyer is already pencilled into that slot. No, I couldn’t possibly see any place in my Ultramarines for Forge World’s latest creation.

Space Wolves, on the other hand. Now it would look right at home there. So it is a good job I am not planning to start one of those anytime soon?


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