Proteus – Part Three

The clocks in the UK returned to GMT this weekend, giving us back an extra hour of “painting time”. I am not sure that was the original intent, but I nevertheless exploited it to that end regardless. My painting mojo has definitely been on a bit of a high lately, partly due to the enjoyment I am getting painting vehicles again, but also I suspect because there has been so much good stuff coming out lately from all manner of sources.

Sticking with the topic at hand though, I have spent the past couple of days cleaning, assembling and painting the weapons for Forgeworld’s Land Raider “Proteus”. As I am deliberately keeping the rest of the vehicle quite muted in appearance with only minimal markings and plenty of weathering, I wanted the sponsons to provide all of the ‘punch’ colour wise and really contrast with the rest of the tank. This is supposed to be a relic from the great age of technology and I wanted the Las-cannon’s to look particularly archaic but well maintained.

Sponsons and hull weapon dry-fitted during weathering stages.

Normally I do the main body on Marine weapons as black with severe highlights. With the  amount of exposed detail and power cables on the sponsons I decided to go for a simple ‘naked’ appearance for the metal, similar to how Forgeworld have painted theirs. This helps focus attention on the weapons first and then the silhouette.

At this point the guns have only been ‘dry-fitted’ as I don’t want them getting in the way during the weathering stages.  The Proteus has had the first pass of Charadon Granite chipping done to the paintwork, the next step being the exposed metal itself, the dust and dirt inside the road wheels, lower hull and tracks. The icons and scrolls also need quite a few more layers applied before I can varnish the hull to homogenise everything and the fun part of laying on the mud.

I had hoped to have managed that this weekend, however even despite the extra bonus hour, I didn’t quite manage it. The best laid plans and all that. Nevertheless, I am very pleased how the Proteus is coming along and have not only re-arranged the cabinet to accommodate its girth amongst the rest of the completed Ultramarine 2nd Company, but also started painting it a ‘little’ companion (which you may have already seen if you also follow any of my occasional Twitter updates).

I will show more of the Epic scale Mk I when it is finished. I only started it as a bit of fun whilst I was waiting for some of the ink layers on the las-cannon barrels to dry, but am now giving serious consideration to actually duplicating the force in Epic as well as I really rather like how the blue has come out. That is about all for now, a bit of a short post I know sorry, but wanted to provide at least some update on the Land Raider before the weekend was up. I’m going to take a couple of days break from the workshop as there are a few things that I need to attend to, but will be back with another update during the week.

Until then, have a great week.


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