Fleet and M.I. don’t mix

A few years ago I got into Starship Troopers from Mongoose Publishing and thought it was one of the most enjoyable gaming systems I have played to date. Over a couple of years I built up a moderate collection and even participated in their inaugural War of the Species tournament, where I was lucky enough to take the Best Army and Most Sporting awards with McBride’s Madcats (thus proving I can finish painting an army, but am a rubbish general!)

Starship Troopers will get airtime in the blog at some stage in the future as it is a game and miniatures range still very close to my heart, despite the fact it is now sadly discontinued. In the meantime however I did want to take a moment from my painting to share a couple of models just this once that I will be working on at some stage as I know I promised to show them quite some time ago. Two in particular I am very excited to own and desperately want to find the time to finish and paint.

Without further ado, I give you the Federation Fleet.

Skyhook Retrieval Boat

The Skyhook was to my knowledge the only fleet model that Mongoose actually put into production, albeit as a limited run in resin. I snapped up a trio of them for my Light Armoured Mobile Infantry (LAMI) just before Mongoose decommissioned the range, the example shown here being the one I painted in the original movie scheme. Still deciding what to do with the other two.

TAC Fighter

This is the original master model Mongoose commissioned for production , but was sadly never actually manufactured. I purchased the master with the intention of finishing it for future games and casting up a version to actually paint. It even comes with a full range of ordinance options sculpted to represent all the load out options in the game.

Slingshot Dropship

The final Fleet flyer is as much my pride and joy as the TAC Fighter. When Mongoose let me know that they were not going to be able to put the Slingshot into production, I contacted them about purchasing the master from them. A price was agreed for both it and the TAC and I counted myself one happy new owner. Although not from the movie, anyone familiar with the “Roughnecks Chronicles” CGI series should recognise the Slingshot as the ‘Dropship’ from the show, and the one that Mongoose based the CAP Troopers on.

Similar to the TAC Fighter the master is complete, although some components need duplicating where they are symmetrical (obviously only one prototype is produced for the master, it isn’t like a complete kit). Unlike the fighter however the master has been rather badly mauled by someone other than the designer requiring some further work to fix their ham-fisted modifications. Those with a good memory will also have noticed there is one Fleet Dropship missing and that is the Viking. Again, Matt commissioned one to be made and they did have a near completed master. Unfortunately I only became aware of this quite literally hours after it had been put up and sold through E-Bay, thus missing out on securing all of them which was a bit disappointing as I really like the Viking. Still, three out of the four isn’t bad and the TAC Fighter alone was a real coup in my opinion.

Scale for all three has been reduced to make them manageable as gaming models; the Slingshot much more so than the others. So no Thunderhawk sized beastie in this instance. Despite that I really love these flyers and am looking forward to getting them finished and into some games of Starship Troopers where they can put the mobility back into my Mobile Infantry.

Next update normal service will be resumed and I will be back on Forgeworld’s Land Raider Proteus, but until then have a great week.


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