XIII Legion – Week One

///XIII Legion – Week One

As promised here are the first two units getting ready for transit to Tarsiss, the Legions Tactical squads. Based (almost) entirely on the Mark IV plastic kit from the Betrayal at Calth boxed set with the exception of a couple of infiltrators based on Mark II and Mark V ‘Heresy’. A good tip if you are about to embark on a new army for a specific event is start with the basics and get them out of the way first. Although it’s always a temptation to begin with some of the cooler looking characters or the centre-piece vehicles and flyers there is a real risk fatigue will set in before you get to the ‘rank and file’ and once that motivation goes it’s hard to get it back when staring at a block of infantrymen.

The approach I have always taken is break the back of the core of the army first whilst motivation is at its highest. That way you can break up the drudgery if you start to flag by giving yourself a little treat at the end of each section. For me that was the transport. As I completed a block of ten legion tactical marines I then painted their transport. In this instance a Deimos Rhino. For the second squad a Drop-Pod (although in gaming terms it will be a Rhino so I’ve co-opted a Mars Pattern I did a few years back which will get some new markings and the weathering tied in to match. I’m holding off getting more Deimos for now from Forgeworld because I’m convinced we will see a plastic variant at some stage this year.

The Rhino was one I already had assembled and painted for a previous 40K Ultramarines force which never saw much progress beyond a handful of units. I could have just used it as was but the markings and palette didn’t really match what I wanted for the Legion so I adjusted the scheme to increase the use of white and the metallics on the exhausts. I also made a masking template to match the tactical symbol on the roof hatch to something more in keeping with 30K era.

The second tactical squad was done exactly the same as the first one, but at this stage I haven’t added the chipping and battle-damage to the armour. Both squads will get a final weathering of dust and debris, but I always like to leave that to the very end when the full force is complete. That waY I can ensure the colour matches across the entire army, both infantry and vehicles as they will have been fighting (and bleeding) in the same dirt. Whereas I upgraded the first Sergeant to have a Sun Fury Plasma pistol and power sword the second I equipped with standard Bolt pistol and upgraded with a Power Fist. I’ve also given them a Legion Vexilla.

As I said earlier the second Rhino is a Mars pattern from a few years back but one I did with the intention of it being something of a 30K artefact anyway, hence the ancient Heavy Bolter on the hatch and the reversed scheme. It still needs a bit of re-work to help pull it into the force but I’m actually quite tempted to keep it in as a re-purposed XII Legion Rhino captured on Nuceria.

So that’s the start of my XIII Legion. Much more to come in the ‘Troops’ category yet including a Legion Breacher squad before I move onto the first of the Heavy Support. But as way of a teaser (probably not much of a surprise if you follow me on Facebook to be fair), but here’s a few shots of the inside of the Scorpius before I clad it in armour and primed for painting. I’ll provide details on how I approached it along with what to do to bring life to all those metals in the next post.

Until then, have a great weekend.


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