All at sea

Securing quality painting time this week has been a bit of an uphill struggle. However I did manage to find some time to sit down and work on the rest of the islands, shipwrecks and sea-bases for Dreadfleet this evening.

The sculpted bases are one of the many little details I really like, having seen similar on some of Spartan’s Dystopian Wars miniatures. The Dreadfleet ones in particular are so well textured they are almost entirely foolproof to paint if you follow Games Workshop’s guide, which is pretty much what I did with the exception of a couple of minor tweaks.

As I had primed the bases in white, the Regal Blue basecoat comes out a lot bolder and brighter. To counter this and bring back some contrast I followed this with a wash of Badab Black, so the five stages ended up as follows.

1. Regal Blue with Badab Black wash 2. Enchanted Blue (dry brush) 3. Ice Blue (dry brush) 4. Badab Black + Thrakka Green (heavy wash) 5. White stippling

The guide suggested a watered down white for the wave crests, however stippling this on with a small piece of sponge creates a much more natural and pleasing effect.

I am still trying to decide what to do with the two ‘skull’ islands as I am not so keen on the blue glow effect of magics in the eye sockets the studio went with. I am tempted to replicate the lava effect on the skull island at least and do a more green glow of warp stone for Skullface Island.

With the bulk of the sea and rock colours finished bar some final washes in the recesses, I have made a start on getting the base colours for all the ship wrecks done so I can begin weathering and washing them proper later in the week. The turtle and lava effect will also take a lot more work yet; these are very early stages just to get some base-coat colours down. More on those once I have finished them.

The Galleon Graveyard starts to take shape.

Once the rest of the Galleon’s Graveyard is complete, it actually leaves me with only the treasure markers and Sea Monsters to do next. After that I will have the fun of all those ships and respective auxiliaries to work through having gotten all of the ‘gaming’ aids out of the way first. Which was the primary reason for doing it this way around; to make the ships a ‘reward’ for completing the scenery.

In the wider world of non-pirate related activities, I have been putting some thought into what to work on next alongside the ships. As usual there are any number of things I ‘ought’ to be painting next, such as more Epic, my Lord of the Rings Dwarves, or better still the Ultramarine Assault Squad that is currently stalled. Suffice to say it won’t be any of those, although it will be Ultramarine related. Whilst at Games Day last month I picked up one of the Land Raider ‘Proteus’ kits from Forgeworld and have been quite literally itching to make a start on it (seriously, I have practically come out in a rash!). I am a bit amazed this still hasn’t been released on general sale yet by Forgeworld, I guess they are just staggering their new releases on the lead up to Christmas. However this does make me want to get it assembled and painted even more.

Land Raider Proteus

Outside of the hobby I am still battling with the cat’s seemingly endless list of ongoing major ailments. It has been over eighteen months now and we are no closer to resolving his apparent allergy and subsequent skin reaction. It is frustrating not being able to find the root cause and treat it; everything we have tried to date having started off promising before ending up back at square one. We shall keep persevering and hope that his latest course of medications cracks it.

I am also weighing up whether to replace my perfectly functional iPhone 3GS with a new shiny 4S, or to just wait a little longer for the iPhone 5. The camera on the 4S would definitely be a big plus to have in the workshop for the blog, however it isn’t really what I could possibly justify as any kind of essential purchase. Currently either camera I use is ok. In fact out of the two images in this very post, the seascape painting examples were taken on the iPhone and the islands/wrecks on a Canon IXUS 100IS. Although the top photo is perfectly acceptable, I can’t help wondering how much closer to the Canon’s quality a 4S could get, thus making life even simpler.

There is also the big plus of being able to ‘tweet’ much higher quality photos as well. Buy now or wait a few more months for something a bit more different? Decisions, decisions.

On that note I’ll wrap up this update as its time for some shut eye. Until next time, have a great week.


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