Kings in space

//Kings in space

The Necrons finally broke cover this weekend with a hefty ‘leak’ from “Beasts of War”, the interwebs flooding with pictures and comments on several previously unseen new units. Your mileage may vary on what you think about the new miniatures or the direction Games Workshop appears to be taking what are being coined the “Tomb Kings in space”. I for one am somewhat split over the design liking some and loathing others, in particular the truly cringeworthy Flayed Ones. If comedy was the designers intent with those poses, then they have truly scored a bullseye. Jump over to Beasts of War for the full story.
Being an ‘unofficial’ preview (draw your own conspiracy theory conclusions here), I don’t want to pre-judge the miniatures too much until I have had a chance to see them in the flesh, figuratively speaking. Initial impressions though are encouraging and I expect I will include some of them in my pre-existing Necron army, in particular the new transports and Immortals.
Some however I will probably choose to ignore much like I did with the current Pariahs and aforementioned Flayed Ones as they just don’t fit the look and theme I was going for when I started. That of relentless wave after wave of belligerent and expressionless sentient automatons in case you were wondering.
Allegedly the first group is out on November 5th if BoW’s leak is to believed, and I see no reason not to assume it is accurate. So I probably ought to shift up a gear on the Ultramarines as it was always my intent to pair both these armies against each other theme wise.
One interesting observation is the lack of Warriors in any of the leaked photos, and more significantly the total absence of the current Necrons iconic green acrylic rods. Love them or hate them, they are one of the defining features of the last Necron range and a lot of collectors, me included are going to be scratching our heads on what to do with our current Warriors and Destroyers to integrate the old with the new. It could well be we haven’t seen anything of the current range because they are not being replaced, merely augmented with the new wave of miniatures shown. That would make sense to me as almost everything leaked was a totally new unit with the exception of the Immortals and Flayed Ones which I suspect are plastic or Finecast replacements for the current metal versions. Quite what that means for the other metals like the Tomb Spider or Wraith for example remains to be seen. Hopefully plastic rather than Finecast candidates.
Between the current range and these newly leaked photos of additional units, the Necrons are looking far more like a fully fleshed out army than previously. Ironically that isn’t perhaps to my taste, but I don’t doubt it will be positively received by many Necron players who, up until now have probably quite rightly felt somewhat left out in the cold. It is no wonder every time they rise from their tombs they are more than a little ill-tempered.
November is going to be a bumper month 40K wise I feel. Might be time to blow the dust off the Monolith. Until then though it’s back to Dreadfleet and finishing all those tiny islands and shipwrecks.

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