Armada: Y-Wings and TIE Adv

///Armada: Y-Wings and TIE Adv

Short and sweet today. Another trio of squadrons painted for Star Wars: Armada, this time the oh-so classic Y-Wings for the Rebels and some TIE Advanced/First Order squadrons for the Imperials and … er First order.

All of the classic movie Rebel ships are iconic in my opinion, but I do admit to having a special place in my heart for the Y-Wing. It may look like it was assembled out of left overs and scaffolding, but the turret and Ion cannons pack a nasty surprise in the X-Wing game plus it has the benefit of being a bomber and able to hurt capital ships.

I painted the two groups to be ‘Gold’ and ‘probably green but who knows?” squadrons.

Similar to the X-Wings I began with a white primer over which went a watered down grey wash of Wolf Grey. The block details were painted and the whole fighter given a black wash. To sharpen it up and give it some volume an edge highlight of pure white was added to the leading edges and upper details.


The TIE Advanced are nothing special as all of the Imperial fighters follow exactly the same palette. Primed light grey, selectively pick out the canopy frames and engines in Mechanicum Grey (or an equivalent medium grey) then give the whole thing a black wash. I used Ghost Grey to neaten up the edges on the wings and profile the top of the cockpit. Finally a tiny dot of red on the blasters just helps finish off and give it a pop of colour. One tiny tweak I will make however is where the squadron is Vader in game and replace the two wingmen with regular TIE Fighters. That should make it stand out nicely.

The final squadron is another TIE Fighter group. However I was so fed up of painting regular TIE Fighters by then I decided to do these in the colours of the First Order from “The Force Awakens”. This is purely for fun and variety and will have zero impact in game (unless of course Fantasy Flight decide to introduce Resistance and First Order into the Armada ruleset like they have with X-Wing).


Palette wise it’s still the exact same palette only in complete reverse with the cockpit and wings pre-highlighted with Ghost Grey as opposed to pre-shaded. To sharpen up I gave the canopy a highlight with Ivory which is a slightly warmer white and picked out the squadron leader in red.

If like me you decide to paint the fighter squadrons in Armada for gaming, a simple and quick approach like the one I have described here is often best. Don’t overly obsess about detail which isn’t really there, just focus on the impact from a couple of feet away which is where you will spend most of the time viewing them from anyway. I still have a handful of Rebel Squadrons to go, then I will dig out the fun and characterful ‘individual’ Heroes and Villains to complete the first wave.

Until then, May the F–. Nope, I’m not going there.

“Live long and prosper!”


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