Halo Ground Combat

///Halo Ground Combat

I went all the way to Salute but didn’t say anything about Spartan Games next entry into the HALO universe? To be fair I just ran out of time on the last post, so here’s the images from my wander past in all their glory. Unfortunately it was right at the end of the day and I didn’t really  get more than a couple of minutes to speak to Neal from Spartan about the game, how it is structured or the mechanics so will just have to wait until a copy arrives and provide the lowdown as part of the unboxing. From what I did see however it looks to share a good deal of principles with the fleet combat game which has to be a good thing if you are already into the game. The dice are clearly interchangeable across both systems and the there are many shared concepts looking at the unit cheatsheets.

To make up for the lack of meaningful information, here’s a photo of a 1:100 scale UNSC ‘Pelican’ which let’s be honest is the only thing anyone is really interested in because, it’s a 1:100 scale Pelican!


I believe it may be up on Spartan’s website for pre-order but it’s big chunk of resin, be forewarned.

.. And it’s a Pelican!

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