Return to Middle Earth

//Return to Middle Earth

Interesting news broke from the Throne of Skulls event at Warhammer World which would appear to breath some life into the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit range once again. Spillforeningen the Fellowship kindly covers the details in his YouTube channel  and I highly recommend watching and giving a thumbs-up for what has to be good news for fans of the miniatures range.

The broad strokes are Games Workshop will be extending the licence and handing over the support to Specialist Games and Forge World who will be re-releasing the previous out of print source books as well as new miniatures. The game will be re-branded as ‘Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game’ (which is hilarious as I have been calling it that for years, the previous name being such a mouthful!). It will also be the current system updated with a few tweaks, which is also good news as there really was not much wrong with the original design in my humble opinion.

Speculation also points to the overall scope of the game shifting back to a much broader exploration of Tolkien’s fantastic world beyond the tight confines of “The Hobbit” trilogy the recent version of the game focused on. Along with the name change and re-releasing of the Lord of the Rings Source Books which covered key events like the Last Alliance it opens the game back up to a wealth of possibilities. That being said, I would still love to see some of the missing miniatures from the Films finally see the light of day, most favourably Dain and the Iron Mountain Dwarves. Yes even the ones mounted on Goats!

The game itself has a strong following and although I’m sure it will persevere without any form of official support from GW, I’m still pleased to hear it is being actively worked on regardless. This was unexpected news as I genuinely expected Games Workshop to let the licence lapse and retire the whole range. It would appear Games Workshop under Kevin Rountree is turning out to be an entirely different beast compared to the embattled company we have grown used to over the past several years. Definitely an excuse to raise a whole pint in The Green Dragon later. Yes, they come in pints!

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