Epic: Chaos Hell Talon

///Epic: Chaos Hell Talon

Another archive post for Epic and the Hell Talon from Forgeworld. This was one of a number of flyers which Forgeworld developed for their ill-fated Aeronautica Imperialis. A nice idea on paper (and in the hardback book I shelled out for), but it never really took off in my eyes and I never got around to playing it. The miniatures however were great for Epic Armageddon so I snapped up a fair few in the period they were available. Not so much the Chaos chaps like the Hell Talon, but enough to augment most of the forces I do. Anyway, enough pre-able on to the Hell Talon I did back in the dim and distant past. I’ll probably change that base now though!

Epic Hell Talon

The Hell Talon is Forgeworlds latest creation to get ‘debigulated’ into Epic scale and I have to say it is one of those models you are either going to love or hate! Other than the Dread Claw assault craft, the Hell Talon is the first true Chaos Flyer to emerge for many a year and much like the aforementioned Dread Claw shares the same, razor-sharp aggressive lines. Technically a fixed wing bomber the Hell Talon is remarkably well detailed with copious amounts of banding, icons, piping and engine detail literally covering its surface above and below. No doubt the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that the Hell Talon is incredibly thin, a fact that introduces its own problems, that being warping. Resin has a rather irritating quality of warping as it cools and sets, which can result in your Hell Talons being not exactly straight when they arrive. Fear not though as this is perfectly normal and easily remedied.

Straightening the Hell Talon

If your Hell Talon is a little off in the straightness department when it arrives, simply immerse the offending part (or side) in hot water. The water has to be hot enough to warm the resin (so luke warm will not do), but not so hot that it melts! The hot tap is a bathroom basin should suffice in most cases, so leave the kettle well alone. Once the part has been submerged for thirty seconds or so you will notice it starts to become slightly malleable. At this point ‘pull’ the wing straight by gently pulling on the front wing whilst holding the rear of the same side. As the part cools it will then remain set in position leaving you with a nice, straight-edged and evil looking Chaos Bomber.

As this was to be my first Hell Talon I thought I would keep the paint scheme simple and uncomplicated, opting for the classic ‘red and brass’ palette. After cleaning the Hell Talon I then undercoated it black and set about painting the inset red panels. Beginning with a 50/50 mix of scab red and terracotta red I then added increasing amounts of blood red into the mix to create the deep red for the insets. The brass banding was then painted brazen brass to which I added a tiny drop of scorched brown and chaos black. This was then given a wash of black ink and highlighted with a mix of brazen brass and shining gold. For the black armour I simply highlighted the edges with a mix of chaos black and bleached bone before painting any details such as the lascannons, cockpit and bombs.

For the base I simply used a length of brass rod which I pinned through some 40K infantry based and added a few pieces of broken masonry. Currently there are no rules for the Epic Hell Talon, however rest assured that this will be remedied in time and this superb model is sure to find favour in many Chaos armies.

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