Summer break

//Summer break

Ahh the summer hobby hiatus. Or as I like to call it the “lounging around, incinerating food, drinking too much and generally complaining about the weather”. Normally my hobby output significantly drops at this time of year and occasionally struggles to get going again in the autumn. Strangely enough not so much this year as I’m still pretty motivated, regardless though it’s a really good opportunity to kick back, appreciate the great outdoors and relax with a good rule book. It’s also a good time to take stock of the year and the hobby to decide if any projects need trimming as I am a bit of a hobby butterfly at the best of times. I like to think of this as ‘weeding’ just to keep the gardening theme going.

I’ve been juggling a fair few different genres thus far in 2015, from Epic 6mm, through Flames of War to Dropzone Commander, Star Wars and more recently Infinity and Halo. Clearly I could do with paring down and focussing on just a couple if for no other reason than maintaining my own sanity. With that in mind I reluctantly decided to park up pretty much everything except for Infinity and Star Wars (well, mostly Imperial Assault as everything else is broadly pre-painted). I’ll wrap up the rest of the Halo ships so I can get a few games in and try out the rules. My Flames of War 8th Army and Vietnam will go on hold until probably the winter along with the UCM as will anything related to either Dreadball or Deadzone, the latter to be fair has pretty much been usurped by Infinity now anyway if I’m being honest with myself. Liked the miniatures and loved the background, just struggled to love the game which I personally felt lacked that sparkle and fun-factor Dreadball has.

So what about Epic? I still have a few units I’d like to get done in the short term, so there will be a few nuggets still making their way onto the painting table. However, I do have bigger plans fire up another ‘winter challenge’ like I did a few years back as it did end up being a lot of fun when it went off at tangents introducing miniatures I hadn’t originally planned to include. Basically an entire army from start to finish over the course of the winter months with a points based target. I have a theme in mind as well as an army I’d like to do, the only question being whether it’s feasible or not as it was never formally converted to Armageddon so it’s more of a painting project based on 2nd Edition, not that that’s a bad thing.

Now, the bad news. Despite wanting to get a fair bit of the aforementioned Infinity and Halo painted I’ve hit a bit of a snag, well more of an ailment really. Every once in a while an issue with my eyes flares up. It’s nothing serious and doesn’t stop me working, but it does make painting sessions highly frustrating and tiring as I can’t maintain the focus needed for more than a few minutes. Until it sorts itself out again it means I’ll have to stick to less demanding jobs like sorting out the terrain and migrating the old Dropship articles. With that in mind the next couple of weeks will see something of a steady stream of old Epic and 40K articles popping up. None of these are new, so if you are/were a Dropship regular or past reader you’ll probably have seen most of them anyway. I’m really hoping that by the time I’ve moved those it will have given my eyes a chance to sort themselves out and I can use the time to catch up on a few more less demanding Star Wars characters for Imperial Assault. It’s not the summer I’d hoped for, but it’s one of those things that’s somewhat out of my control unfortunately. Rest assured once I can see properly again I’ll be pushing on full steam ahead to catch up however, so it won’t be a total loss.

More soon.


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  1. Iain August 16, 2015 at 3:07 pm - Reply

    You dont want to take any kind of chance with your eyes….give them a rest for a while and make sure that things are fine before getting back to mini painting. Even if I have read the articles before, its always good to reread archived stuff and rediscover it.

    • Carl Woodrow August 16, 2015 at 3:19 pm - Reply

      Cheers mate, my thoughts exactly. I’m sure they will settle down over the next couple of weeks so I agree, sensible I rest them for a bit I guess.

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