There is nothing quite like a little retail therapy to lift your week, so I have been indulging in ordering a few bits and bats from various independent studio’s today to plug a few gaps in the toolbox. Mostly these are handy sculpting widgets like base stamps and Micro Art Studio’s heavy fur moulds just to see how they work out, but the order I am most looking forward to arriving is Kromlech’s ‘Iron Shark’ Jetbikes. I have been waiting for these to be ready for release  for a while now and have plans afoot already to add them to my fledgeling Ultramarine army as stand in’s for Space Marine Bikes (pre-heresy Jetbikes). I should point out I am not trying to create a heresy-era Ultramarine army here, just mix things up a bit with some relic armour to give the overall force a less uniform look.

On the subject of conversion bits, I just discovered some Imperial Eagle and Ultramarine Rhino and Land Raider doors from Forgeworld in the bits box while looking for icons so I think a Land Raider may be next up on the vehicle “To Do” list as soon as I have finished with the first two infantry squads. I may make it a target for completing the Devastator squad just to keep me focused as I do have a tendency to get distracted easily in case you hadn’t noti….

Wow! Have you seen the new Tomb Kings sets GW have just put up on their pre-order page? I have never been drawn towards Warhammer Fantasy personally, but I have to confess the Warsphinx and Sepulchral Stalkers have really impressed me (in ways the Grey Knights did not … no, I shall not go there again!). Hopefully the novelty will have worn off by the time they are released in May, but I can’t help harbouring a hope that some of that design influence and imagination will rub off on the Necrons when they are (hopefully) redone. I definately get the impression that GW’s design studio have not only lifted their game when it comes to plastics, but seem to be blasting out new kits at a surprising rate of knots this year; especially when you consider the much hinted “Summer of flyers” is still to come. Either they have significantly reduced their time between design and market, which used to be approximately eighteen months as a rough guide for new plastics, or they have ramped up their digital design resource somewhat.

Anyway, enough rambling and back to the job in hand. It is infantry this week, but while they are in progress I thought I would post a few pictures of the first of two Dreadnoughts which I am including in the army.

This is a standard stock plastic kit with the addition of a Forgeworld autocannon right arm, a few icons and mounted on one of the ‘Lost Empire’ bases from Dragonforge Designs.

To keep in style with the infantry I again went for a darker blue scheme using the Mordian blue as the base and shading it back with Devlan Mud and Asurman Blue. The same can be said about the sarcophagus which has been knocked back through layering up highlights in the metal then staining them with the washes. A final wash of 50/50 Devlan Mud and Badab Black over the weapons and bronze banding helped add to the aged look.


The final painting phase, and the one I enjoy the most was the weathering. The feet, leg armour and main body were chipped back with Charadon granite and re-highlighted with silver. For the exhaust stacks and around the autocannon ammo drums weathering powders were used to get a lair of dirt and dust into the recesses and the decals were also weathered in on the leg armour. I may apply a few final touch ups yet as I think the autocannon barrels still need some additional carbon scorching and heat discoloration yet from a little blue and purple ink. But for the moment I think that will suffice enough for gaming with.

I will try to get some pictures up of the Rhino next and possibly some of the tactical squad if I can get them finished, but for now that’s me and I’m off to hunt out a shot of Sacra and a lho stick*. Until next time, have a great week.

* (Just joking about the lho stick by the way, gave those up years ago!)

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