Chaos Legions: Epic Death Wheel

///Chaos Legions: Epic Death Wheel

Another Epic blast from the past. I originally published this a decade ago on ‘Dropship’  and is one of the posts I brought across as part of the old sites retirement. As a result many of the images won’t be that high a quality by today’s standards. That’s progress for you ~ CW.

The Chaos Death Wheel is a mad creation spawned from the mind of Audrey, who created a simple, but fabulously striking design of the massive Chaos War Engine. You can see more of Audrey’s fantastic models on her site, but in the meantime, as she suggested gathering up any painted Death Wheels based on her design for her website, I thought it a jolly good idea to create one. I then rather stupidly gave myself two and a half hours in which to do it having declared as much on the Epic Armageddon Painting and Modelling Forum.


Thankfully I managed it in time and the photos above were taken a few minutes before the deadline. The only changes from Audrey’s design was the use of Land Speeder side steps for the Void Shield Generators as I preferred the mesh pattern on them, a few changes to the weapon and the different spiked collars on the right hand side as I didn’t have all the parts to hand at the time. I also used a little green stuff to corrupt the wheel and make it more fitting to a vehicle blessed of Nurgle, as well as add the Nurgle icons from the 40K Chaos vehicle frame.


As ultimately I’ll theme my Epic Death Guard in line with my 40K Tournament Army, it made sense to paint them using the same colour palette. I began with a mix of tin bitz, brazen brass and scorched brown which was painted over the entire model. For the armour I began with a 50/50 mix of bubonic brown and rotting flesh to which I added increasing amounts of bleached bone for the highlights. The entire model was then given a wash of green and brown ink before picking out any details such as the Nurgle symbols and red and brass panels for the weapons.


I got the model painted quite a bit quicker than I expected so decided to paint up a couple of units of Plague Bearers to give an idea of scale. The daemons were painted in exactly the same way (with the exception of the metal of course) and were given a few dabs of red and brown ink mix on the festering guts and plague swords. I had intended to base them all on a single Warmaster base, but seven of them were a bit cramped so I split them over two bases instead. For those of you who are not familiar with Grandfather Nurgle (shame on you!), seven is the favoured number, so it was important for character that the units added up to a multiple of seven. The green ooze on the bases is resin water which I pooled into small pot holes painted in a suitably pestilent colour using dark angels green paint and a few inks.


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