Yu Jing: The end of the beginning

At the start of my Infinity journey I really knew virtually nothing about the game or it’s background beyond the concept of reaction orders being a significant component. I also knew nothing about the four factions we were given to choose from at the boot camp, so why did I end up picking Yu Jing instead of one of the others and how do I feel about it now I’ve reached my initial target of getting them painted?

Pretty good truth be told. Out of the four factions, all appealed from a visually aesthetic standpoint. I very much liked the look of the Ariadna miniatures, but the palette was nothing I hadn’t done before in other games. The Acontecimento looked great as well, but having a copy of Icestorm I already had the Pano starter so they were to a degree repeating what I already had. That left two from the same faction; the Yu Jing and one of their sub-factions the Japanese Sectorial. Both scratched my itch to do an Asian themed army, something to this day I’d never collected, but what won me over to the Yu Jing was the strong use of orange throughout the range. Orange is one of those colours that rarely if ever ends up on my palette, so to see it not only used in such prominance, but almost as the defining colour for Yu Jing was  appealing.

There is also the matter of how they played during my ‘intro’ games. Clearly I didn’t get the best out of all of them, hardly a surprise as I was very much learning the mechanics of the game. Equally though they didn’t have much in the way of tricky specialists to get to grips with, so no camo markers, mines, smoke grenades, mimetism or sniper shenanigans to manage, I could focus on getting the basics down to pat. With a good selection of relatively cheap and fast moving heavy troop choices Yu Jing strikes me as an army that wants to be played aggressively. That’s not normally my play style but in that sense I see this as an opportunity to be more flexible and force myself to adapt to an army outside of my comfort zone.

Sectorial or not sectorial

It took me a little while to identify the differences from using a sectorial (sub-faction/regional) army not having read the Human Sphere expansion, but now I understand it makes my choice even more straightforward. It will some time before I start contemplating the use of link teams or more specialised lists so can see me running vanilla lists for a while while I get to grips with the various troop types and units available. That means I can make use of the figures in the JSF starter within my vanilla Yu Jing list but still have them available for a Sectorial list later down the line if I’m so inclined. It also simplified my palette choice as I can roll a similar Palette out across the Keisotsu and introduce orange into the Kempeitai.

The Yu Jing won’t be the only vanilla faction starters I’ll be doing though, as I do have two more to consider; the Nomads and Pan Oceana that came in the Operation Icestorm box. These I will look to bring into the mix when I’ve a better understanding of the games nuances and have learned to use the Yu Jing more effectively. For now though, my painting is going to retain an eastern flavour.

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