Infinity Yu Jing: Guijia TAG

///Infinity Yu Jing: Guijia TAG

My Yu Jing force is getting a boost in size (literally) with the addition of a TAG. This is the final miniature in the starter force I came away from Ireland with and I purposefully left it until last to keep me motivated to finish the rest of the group first, a reward if you like. The Guijia is one of the older TAGs in the game, but it’s still pretty impressive. What it lacks in the crisper edges of the more recent releases it makes up for in pure belligerence, the round pugnacious silhouette fits it’s ARM 8 profile making it a pretty durable TAG. Combine that with a Burst 1 Anti-material mode explosive ammo for the Multi-HMG and it’s also pretty effective in reaction as well.

Painting A to Z

Angel Giraldez method for painting the Corvus Belli studio miniatures isn’t just designed to look amazing, it’s also with speed and efficiency in mind. Angel clearly has fantastic painting skills, but you don’t have to have equally ninja-like airbrush or brush handling foo to benefit from the techniques he presents in his book. Angels approach of combining airbrush efficiency with effective brush highlighting has already taken my own painting in new directions which I’m personally enjoying greatly. For the Guijia is was a no-brainier to follow that method to get it quickly back into action.

Infinity Yu Jing Guijia

Priming was as with the others a tri-tonal sequence of black, grey and white spot highlights. The first coat consisted of a couple of thin layers of Hot Orange.

Infinity Yu Jing Guijia

For the second base I mixed 50/50 Orange Fire and Orange Brown and applied in three thin layers, intensifying the upper surfaces in particular.

Infinity Yu Jing Guijia

The first highlight was 30/70 Orange Brown with Scrofulous Brown and I only applied this to areas I wanted highlighted. Basically top of the head, shoulders, chest armour and the tops of the upper thigh plates.

Infinity Yu Jing Guijia

To add depth and warmth to the shadows I applied Cavalry Brown in the recesses.

Infinity Yu Jing Guijia

The final highlight was pure white and sparingly applied only to a few areas I wanted to really catch the light. This was then softened with an overall glaze of Sun Yellow. At this point I switched to the brush to redefine the borders between the armour plates and the rest of the miniature and added the edge highlights in white. I then varnished the orange armour to protect it while I painted the rest of the TAG. This is important if you want to switch back to the airbrush at a later stage, like I do for the spines as it allows you to apply masking fluid without worrying about it pulling up any of your efforts so far.

The underlying structure was painted in different tones of grey blue starting with Vallejo Intermediate Blue and I created shading by adding black and The Fang (I love the new GW paint names, they really help add clarity to posts *sigh*). For the gun I used the overspray from the orange armour to give me warm tones and interest, simply overlaying it with glazes made from a mix of turquoise, white and black. This blue slate colour was also used as the base for the sword and the armour over the shoulders. To highlight I simply added white.

Finishing touches.

Similar to the Light troops I used green as the spot colour for the light glow and turquoise for the lenses in the head. The gun was something of a happy accident as I quite liked the effect of the white primer highlights so decided to merely enhance with glazes and add chipping as an additional detail, having done no weathering to date. This made it look more like the TAG suits being well maintained but the guns simply coming off a storage rack and showing the scratches of wear and tear as it’s grabbed by the pilot during deployment and returned to the rack after the end of the mission.

Yu Jing ‘Guijia’ TAG complete and with it the end of my Infinity boot camp force painting objective. Overall I’m pretty happy how they all came out, so where to now for Infinity? I’ll answer that question after I’ve had a chance to get a couple more games in.

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  1. Tyler Provick July 23, 2015 at 6:58 pm - Reply

    I’ve been reading your Infinity posts with a mix of interest and jealousy. I love Infinity but had recently accepted the fact that the local community plays at a time that just doesn’t work for me. Well, last night I found a splinter group playing on a weeknight so I’m back in the game. Keep the Infinity articles coming because I certainly want to read them. Especially love the painting tutorials.

    • Carl Woodrow July 23, 2015 at 7:05 pm - Reply

      Cheers bud, I’ll be sure to keep them going for a bit yet as I have at least three more factions to do plus options. Glad you find them interesting. Cool that you got into it again. My gaming is very limited here as no real community I can tap into locally, but trying to keep the gaming going as I really do like the tactical depth it has.

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