Infinity Yu Jing: Domaru

The final miniature in my Yu Jing starter set is the Domaru Butai, which presents a completely different painting challenge to the Shang Ji. Whereas the Shang Ji is high contrast and colour saturated with the orange armour, the Domaru is a more sedate pale grey and white. A cold palette to contrast with the warm greens and oranges of the rest of the starter. In that respect the Domaru stands apart as almost clinical. This is particularly reinforced by the almost arterial scarlet scabards for the Katana and icon on the right pauldron marking her as a close-combat martial artist you really don’t want to tangle with.

Infinity Yu Jing Domaru

With such a strong white palette I didn’t want to start with white as that gives me nowhere to go from a highlight perspective. Equally I didn’t want to start with a black or even grey flat primer as it would be too murky. Instead I applied exactly the same tri-tonal primer I did with the others finishing with more white than previously. I then gave the under musculature a wash of thinned turquoise before lightly shading down the rest of the figure in a cold grey glaze/wash to begin adding shadow and contrast. By increasing the amount of black in the mix I intensified some areas whilst re-profiling all of the lovely joints in the armour. A final re-profiling of the joints in dark grey gave me a base to work from.

Infinity Yu Jing Domaru

From that point onwards it was just a process of adding thinned pale grey and white highlight all the way up to pure white until I got enough contrast and a look I liked. I occasionally revisited some of the shadows with a blue grey glaze if I thought they could benefit from being deeper or to smooth out any harsh transitions. I also added the turquoise and vivid green glow to the helmet lenses and armour at this point.

Infinity Yu Jing Domaru

Final touches.

The most dramatic feature (I think) on the Domaru is the pair of deep crimson Katana she’s reaching for at her waist. Having a white primer to work from keep the reds vivid and bright, but to add depth I shaded the lower edges with thinned Cavalry brown and Hull Red. Everything else like the Boarding Shotgun, hilts and pistol were just a copy of the colours used on the light infantry line troops.

Infinity Yu Jing Domaru Butai

With the completion of the Domaru I now have a fully painted starter force as promised, so where to next?

If you read any of my coverage of the boot camp, you will know we each received a TAG for our respective starters courtesy of BoW and Corvus Belli. A really nice gesture so thanks for that guys should you be reading this. For my Yu Jing this was a chunky Guijia with Multi-HMG and remarkably it did survive the trip home intact so that’s going to be the focus of my next painting session this weekend coming.

Until then, have a great week.


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